Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brooklyn Bean Roastery - Express O and Vanilla Skyline

 We are a coffee house! My husband is a 12 cup a day kinda guy and I do at least 2 and some days 4 so needless to say when I received a box of Express O and Vanilla Skyline from Brooklyn Bean Roastery we were excited. The boxes from with a 40 K-Cup count and ready for use.

I LOVE Vanilla coffee and Vanilla Skyline is exactly what I love about vanilla coffee. Even without flavored creamer it is delicious. It has a just the right amount of vanilla to still taste like coffee

My husband the true "Coffee Drinker" enjoyed both but says he loved Express O best. The Express O is perfect for a guy who works 2 jobs. He needs his java and he needs it to wake him up. Express O does that!  BTW...he says he likes Express O best but hmmm...the Vanilla Skyline is down to three K-Cups.

Whether you like dark roasts or flavored roasts Brooklyn Bean Roastery has tons of flavors for you.

To Order any of the flavors visit Amazon

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