Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun on A Budget Costs About 59 Cents

My son has been in occupational therapy since he was two. Thanks to his therapists I have learned a lot of wonderful ways to keep the kids busy with things that are fun for them and also helpful and useful for certain sensory fun.

Neither of my children have a sensory issue but they do love playing with shaving cream. Why not, I love playing with it too. It's squishy, fun, smells good, and you can do so many things with it. I look for the cheap cream and wait for it to go on sale. When it does I pick up a few cans of it.

Information on Sensory Disorder:
Some children who deal with sensory processing disorder experience tactile defensiveness. Parents who have a clear understanding of the nature of the tactile defensive child can incorporate “messy play” activities at home. These activities can have a positive effect on the child's sensory needs.
Overview of Tactile Defensiveness

• Children with tactile defensiveness are over-sensitive to touch and other tactile input when compared to their peers.

• Messy play provides the child with a fun way to experience new textures.

• Increased exposure to a wide variety of textures decreases the child’s level of tactile defensiveness.

Messy Play Idea – Shaving Cream

An inexpensive can of shaving cream can create a great opportunity for your child to experiment with new textures. If your child also has a sensitive sense of smell, it would be wise to find a fragrance-free brand of shaving cream. Spray the shaving cream on a mirror and allow the child to write or draw with his fingers. Once he is more comfortable with that sensation, encourage him to make handprints; using the entire hand gives a completely different feeling than using fingers alone.

We usually just take serving trays and I spray a huge amount of cream in the center. They make snowmen, rub it all over the trays, squeeze it between their fingers, hid smalls toys inside it, and eventually have it up to their elbows. They will play for about 15-20 minutes and love it!

BTW, here is a great source for sensory recipes.


  1. Ree Ree shaving creme what kid doesn't like playing with it. Nicky and Kaitie play with it all the time and it keeps them busy for at least 40 min. They will be playing with it during school this year.

    I stack up at the .99 cent store this way they don't touch Hunky's stuff.

  2. It's kind-of funny that I like to play with it while I'm shaving my legs. I love the smell of it, too. They make all different kinds of scents now, too.

  3. What a simple, good idea I never even thought about. Thanks, Maria. I see a messy, foamy day in our near future....


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