Sunday, September 13, 2009

Self Portrait Sunday

This is typical me in the summer time. Ever since working for a dermatologist back in the early 90's I became very protective of my skin in the sun. Loads of sunblock and always a hat to cover my scalp, and face as much as possible. I have started a nice "little" collection of hats over the past summers. It is funny because when I was a child my father loved me in hats. "You look good in hats! You should wear hats." But when I was young it wasn't cool to wear hats. It made me feel freakish. Now I think if you are going to pull it off, pull it off and own it. No matter what your style, your look, your trend! Own it and make no apologies for it!!


  1. That's a great shot!

  2. Great picture! You are so beautiful!!

  3. Maria, look look gorgeous!!
    And your dad was right, you look good in hats.
    My post is up and I don't look nearly as good as you!!

  4. ReeRee, I love love love this idea but I can't get it on to my page to participate. What more then seeing meeeeeee. LOL typical me smileeee please. Anyway I love your pic and you know I love hats. I WANT TO PUT MY PIC UPPPPPPPPPPPP.

    Love you,


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