Sunday, September 06, 2009

Saturday 9-Sorry I'm late

Saturday 9: Thunking on a Saturday

1. You are walking down a rainy road. There is a five hundred dollar bill on the road. You look around and except for someone a half block away, you are alone. You naturally pick up the bill and put it away. That person approaching stops and says, "I saw you pick up that money. It's mine." You ask how much it was. She yells, "Are you calling me a liar?" What do you do? I would say, Liar? No, I asked how much it was. So, how much. If you can't answer that question, than it must be the one I just dropped."

2. If I were to inspect your guest bathroom, how would I find it? It is not a guest bathroom. It is my "husband's" emergency bathroom. It could use a good cleaning.

3. You are given a state of the art bow and arrow. Who or what is your first target (after a lesson or two)? My sense of humor must be taking a nap because I have absolutely no answer other than to say, the target I used at target practice. I would never shoot an arrow at someone or an animal. Unless I was staring in a horror movie or about the be mauled by an animal the bow and arrow would be used for target practice.

4. The doorbell rings. The person at the door is wearing a raincoat and you know them. They flash you and are completely naked. Other than your S/O, who would you think would it would be and would guess you'd find that funny? Why do you guess that person and would you laugh or be pissed off? If it was someone in my personal circle of friends I would laugh and think it was funny. If it was an acquaintance, I would slam the door shut and call 911.

5. What do you call a male Ladybug? Well, actually they are called Ladybugs too but you can't really tell the difference until I peak under their little red and black spotted shells.

6. Your friends throw you a party. They've got a big national music star to come and perform. It is someone you detest. Do you make believe you like the songs or do you fess up and get the star out of the party? If someone was to throw me a party I would have the time of my life favorite singer or not. The fact that people went through any kind of effort to do something nice is a blessing and I would tell them later that although the performer was not my favorite, I had the time of my life.

7. What's your favorite breed of wild, mean attack dogs? The kid that are in a cage and far away from me.

8. If I called your high school guidance counselor, what would they say about you? They would say, "Who?" I personally could not tell you the name of my counselor or what they looked like.

9. Car A is moving at 63 miles an hour. 4 people are in the Car A. Car B is moving at 22 miles an hour. There is a driver and passenger who just came from a hotel while cheating on their spouses in Car B. They will crash into each other in exactly 3.5 minutes. What are your fun plans for this Labor day Weekend while these six people meet a brutal and gruesome death?? Oh geez....well, I really have no idea what to make of this question. Since a bunch of made up people are the ones meeting this horrific fate I will ignore the first part and concentrate on the weekend. I just want to spend the weekend with my little family of 4. That is when I am happiest.


  1. Aside from the really weird last question, these were pretty good questions. I actually had an answer to the bow & arrow question, but would NEVER write it down, just in case someone who knew the person read the answer (you know Google is an ALL powerful search engine). I also think your answer to the first question is PERFECT! I'd come to your house & flash you and you would LAUGH HYSTERICALLY!!! Then you would probably throw up!
    Have a great holiday... :-)

  2. Lorie, Ahahahah too funny. Throw up? Me. No baby. Flash those puppies and I would probably applaud.

  3. I LMAO at "It is my "husband's" emergency bathroom." Men, we are always still boys. We get excited and wait to the last second and ooops! Guest bathroom! Happy Labor Day, Maria!


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