Friday, March 17, 2023

Easy, Fun App To For Photos and Videos - Prequel


Prequel offers over 2000 AI effects. Visual filers and templates. 
Why should the Kardashians have all the fun with their filters? I loved changing my face to suite the standards of beauty but more fun than that was changing my preschool kids into anime. This app kept them busy for at least 45 minutes until we had to get the bus. Everyone loved watching their photos change. 

         With this easy to navigate app any user can personalize their content with amazing results. Yes, there are amazing other apps out their that you can learn if you have the time to sit, research, play, but honestly in our busy life I need easy and quick results.  

Here is my photo done three different ways.

I animated a photo of my daughter

These photos of the kids are perfect. They loved them and we especially love that it changes the background and their clothing based on the AI you choose. Each one of them downloaded the Prequel onto their tablets and phones. 

If you love playing with editing apps or need an easy to use and learn editing program for your socials, this is the one. I highly recommend it.

Disposable Curtains are an Integral Part of Infection Control in Hospitals

Hospitals have a duty of care to their patients to prevent the spread of infections. They use many tools to do this, with one of the most important of these being disposable curtains. These curtains are so important because they provide an environment difficult for bacteria and other pathogens to colonise. They also provide healthcare professionals with an option that doesn’t require constant cleaning like other curtains.

Caring for Susceptible Patients

We saw heavy use of disposable curtains during the height of the pandemic. Still, it is important to understand that these curtains are crucial for preventing the spread of other pathogens. A class of pathogens that worries doctors is “Super Bugs” which are resistant to all or most of the medications available to treat similar pathogens. 

These bugs, like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), are typically harmless until they find an environment that allows them to multiply. This environment could be a hospital curtain without antimicrobial properties or that should be cleaned more often.

Once they have this environment, they can infect susceptible patients. Because they do not have a cure or are very difficult to treat, these bugs present serious illnesses in these susceptible patients. This situation gets even more complicated in care homes where most residents are seniors who are very vulnerable or whose health has declined as they have aged.

Use of Disposable Curtains in Hospitals

Every hospital uses curtains, disposable or not, in various ways. One of these is to provide patients with privacy. Such privacy is desired when undergoing procedures, family visits, talking to their doctor, or the patient needs to rest.

Some of these disposable curtains also do a great job of creating cubicles without splitting the hospital or ward into permanent cubicles. The disposable curtains from do this perfectly while also being available in various colours and sizes. These temporary and disposable cubicles ensure healthcare and care home professionals can easily transport patients and medical equipment.

Since they are removed and disposed of as soon as they are soiled or their utility ends, any pathogens on them are carried out with the curtains, a much better situation than carrying the pathogens to the laundry room. The risk is that laundry can sit for some time before being washed, leading to the spread of pathogens, especially in cases where a facility does not have proper cleaning procedures. 

Use of Disposable Curtains in Other Healthcare Settings

Healthcare professionals also use disposable curtains outside hospitals. For example, smaller healthcare centres and GP offices require partitions, especially if they have different sections dealing with different types of patients. You may find someone with a sprained ankle being treated alongside someone with a cough. In such a situation, there is a high likelihood of the spread of infection.

Disposable curtains are becoming popular in healthcare settings, especially where there is a high turnover of curtains; or the high risk of infection needs to be minimized as much as possible. They are also used in other settings, such as care homes and smaller healthcare settings where privacy and infection control are critical.

Photo by Gustavo Fring:

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Family Movie Night Has Never Been So Yummy With These Movie Inspired Snack Boards

Celebrate your favorite films with delicious cheese boards, creative charcuterie platters, and movie-themed snack recipes in this punny and tasty cookbook.

Introducing Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood: 50 Movie- Themed Cheese Platters and Snack Boards for Film Fanatics by editors of Ulysses Press, with food ideas and photographs by Rachel Riederman [ISBN: 9781646044092; $19.95; Ulysses Press; February 2023]. This unique full- color cookbook stars 50 different snack board ideas, from timeless cheese boards and charcuterie to candy platters and cocktail pairings, all themed around iconic movies.

Whether you’re streaming an AFI classic or classically bad movie, munchies are a must-have. With gorgeous flat-lay photography for every movie-themed board, Once Upon a Rind in Hollywood outlines everything you need to create cheesy cinematic pairings (and even cheesier puns) like:

• May the Fromage Be with You (Star Wars)

• Draw Me Like One of Your French Gruyères (Titanic)

• I’ll Harvarti What She’s Having (When Harry Met Sally)

• Here’s Looking at You, Curd (Casablanca)

• Brie-king Dawn (Twilight)

• Roquefort Horror Picture Show (Rocky Horror Picture

Show), and many more!

“If you love movies and you love cheese, this is the book for you,” says photographer and recipe developer Rachel Riederman. “As you settle in to watch your favorite film, don’t merely serve popcorn, but rather a perfect selection of cheeses, meats, candies, and snacks, all perfectly paired to complement whatever 90- to 180-minute adventure you’re about to embark on.”

What goes better with a Lord of the Rings marathon than a “second breakfast”–inspired spread? Can you even watch Monty Python without shrubbery crudités nearby? Why not a Twilight rewatch with a selection of apple slices and salami rosettes.

The 411:

I love this book so much and cannot wait to go shopping for our own movie inspired snack board. The hardest part is picking a movie that four of us want to watch. I am looking into The Lord Of The Rings because I think the movie has something for all of us but truly I would love to do a Sound Of Music board based on the photo in the cookbook. 

There is a photo for each board for each movie idea as well as information about the movie, how many it will serve, the ingredients, assorted accompaniments and how to set up the board. For instance Nobody Puts Babybel In The Corner is obviously based on Dirty Dancing which came out in 1987. The board is inspired by a bagel brunch at Kellerman’s Resort which is a real place that was featured in the movie.

The Twilight Saga: Brie-King Dawn pairs apple and flower imagery by making rosettes out of salami and using apples and since the Cullen family were cooking “Italiano” for Bella the board has many Italian elements like Crostini, breadsticks, Biscotti, and more.

Anyone who loves to eat while watching a movie will definitely love this book! My dream would be just setting up a movie night every weekend and working your way through the book. 

Saturday, March 04, 2023

My Year Of Dicks - Relatable Minus The Lose My Virginity Quest #myyearofdicks

I woke up last night at 2:50 and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got out of bed at 3:15 and went to the very uncomfortable couch, flipped on the TV ready to search for something that wasn’t going to keep me awake so that I could go back to sleep. Just something that bored me into sleep mode again. 

The first thing I landed on was My Year Of Dicks on the first screen of Hulu. Short Film!? Animated?! Talking about Dicks?! Not boring but let’s check it out. Ok…let’s see short film might be perfect and it is the perfect time to watch since everyone was sleeping. No chance of a kid walking in. 


It’s 1991, and Pam is trying very hard to lose her virginity, but it sure doesn’t match up to her fantasies.

Always searching for her ultimate paramour, this old soul swimming in new puberty will struggle between the real world and her grandiose fantasies by exploring a relatable variety of boys of yore-- goths, skaters, indie film snobs, straight edge poseurs-- all while trying her best to avoid being grounded. Luckily she has her best friends by her side, who’d like to keep her from cementing a mistake.

This charming, animated, retro-romantic-comedy pulls no punches with its female-forward look at sexual awakening.

Created by Pamela Ribon from her critically-acclaimed memoir

The 411:

I loved it. It was truly relatable. As a now older young girl of 56 who remembers finding myself in situations that I wish I wasn’t.

 It is handled in 5 different crushes.  Pam is 15, with a sense of sexual awakening who wants to lose her virginity but it must be with the RIGHT boy. As a young girl you do find yourself in so many scenarios where you think wait a minute is this really what I want?! Thankfully Pam has a good sense of herself, advocates for herself and gets out of things when she has a change of heart. Who is the perfect boy to give something of yourself that you will never ever be able to have again?  

Pam is every girl yet not every girl. I wish I was Pam when I was 15. I was not in a quest but often found myself in situations I wish I could get out of without hurting someone’s feelings or feeling bad about myself.I love this version of a young girl and I think she is what I would want every young girl to do for herself. Put yourself first! You are the most important thing in your life. Making yourself a priority and screw what anyone else thinks.

I love Pam, I love her friends. I love how she stops things not worrying about anyone else’s feelings when she put the breaks on. She respects herself and that is everything.

In the end we are left wondering where things will go but we do know she is happy and feels safe!

Thursday, March 02, 2023

Be Their Safe Space

This weekend I had a conversation with a friend. She is going through some things and was saying that she wished that her current boyfriend who she is having a great time with would buy her a house so she could escape her family's home. She just wants to get out from her parents' house. I tried to tell her that she should want to make her own way. When we count on people to be there for us, we are often times disappointed, find ourselves in situations we have a hard time getting out of or just feel stuck. I reminded her that she is in a new relationship and that life has a way of making us think we are on a certain path and then detouring. She is smart, beautiful and has her life in front of her. 

Why do we all allow ourselves to feel we have found our forever? I believe it is because we are all looking for that safe place to fall. We all just want someone to tell us we are special enough for them. That we are their person because deep down we feel like we are not enough. I have tried to let me son and daughter know that they are special without making them think they are better than anyone else. 

I do daily affirmations with my class and one of them is "I am not better than anyone else." also "No one is better than me." It is an important message. 

Maybe if we raised our sons and daughters to know they can do anything they want. There is nothing they are not capable of. Give them a safe place to fall where they know their mistakes are things that happen but don't define them as well as letting them know that we want them to fly and live their lives in a safe space but will always be there if they ever feel themselves falling, they will not be in a rush to get love, adoration or even escape the safe place they have right now.