Monday, September 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - My Filigree Creation

Join Mary and her Ruby Tuesday meme here.
To order this necklace or more like it, see my Etsy shop Street Angel


  1. That is such a GORGEOUS necklace... what a perfect piece for the holidays!!
    I really LOVE how you position your pieces for photographing them.
    It is truly amazing. I am just awe-struck, seriously!! You are truly an artist!!!

  2. BTW... what's with posting Tuesday's meme on Sunday... now you make me feel WAY behind???
    Good thing I like you so much!! :-)

  3. Hello - I found your blog through the BlogFrog network and wanted to stop over and say welcome. I love the B&W photo of the clover leaf - that was beautiful! So nice to discover your blog.

    Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)

  4. gorgeous're verry clever!

  5. You MADE this? How so gorgeous!! Is it difficult to make? I want one. LOL

    My RT is posted, I do hope you can find some time to visit---------

  6. Ree Ree I love how the red pops out. By the way I love the chanin!!

  7. I don't wear necklaces but GORGEOUS

  8. Wow!that is so,so pretty!I love the way the red makes it stand out!


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