Thursday, September 10, 2009

A History Channel Find For Fans of the Supernatural and documentries

The History Channel was kind enough to send off some DVD's for me to review.

My husband and I love anything to do with UFO's. He has always been interested in the documentation, research and experiments of possible extra-terrestrial visits. His passion for this is so much so, that our son's room is based on the movie Stargate, Complete with a built in Stargate closet.

The DVD we reviewed was UFO Hunters The Complete Season Two!

If you have never seen this show, you are missing out. Bill, Pat and Ted will take you on their journey as they uncover and analyze any and all documentation on UFO sightings. Unlike Ghost Hunters (my personal favorite show on TV) they neither try to prove or debunk anything. They simply give you the facts through scientific experiments and leave it up to your own interpretation.

Season Two's DVD follows their trek across Europe, North American, New Mexico and the famous Roswell.  My personal favorite is the episodes where they have airplane pilots calling in UFO sightings. Seriously, why would these guys lie??!! They are up in the skies and see things we will never see. I found a clip on You Tube, check it out.

    The truth is out there--and the UFO

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