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No Time For The Gym? Lagreeing Is The Solution

 Lagree Fitness Partners with Lagreeing At Home 

For On Demand, Live Class Platform
(Los Angeles, CA – June 28, 2021) Lagree Fitness today announced its partnership with Lagreeing at Home; the exclusive on demand and live class platform for the Lagree Microformer workout machine. Backed by Sebastien Lagree, the founder of Lagree Fitness, classes will be led by cofounders of Lagreeing at Home and certified Lead Lagree Microformer Trainers Heather Perren and Lexi Heinzer, among others. Clients new and old can begin Lagreeing at Home today on the #1 Virtual Class Platform for the Lagree Microformer.
This high-intensity, low-impact multifaceted at home workout delivers exceptional results in a remarkable amount of time due to its unique combination of strength, cardio, endurance, balance & flexibility in every class. By combining all of these, clients can strengthen, tighten, and tone their bodies in just a few workouts, making Lagree Fitness the superior approach to full-body conditioning at home.
Sebastien Lagree feels this partnership is a natural fit for the brand. “Heather and Lexi have been able to create a platform for the Microformer that no one else has,” said inventor, CEO, and founder of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree. “They have over 300 on demand classes, live classes 7 days week, and 5 certified instructors on their site. I am beyond thrilled to finally give our customers what they have been asking for.”
“Over the years, Lagree Fitness has earned its reputation as one of the fastest growing and hottest workouts in the fitness industry,” said Heather Perren. “By adding Lagreeing At Home as an option for its passionate clients, it will allow at home users a complete Lagree experience, at their own convenience.” 
“Being a new mom, having the option to workout when I can, has been the key to getting my pre-pregnancy body back, as well as provides me the “me time” that all moms crave and mental clarity we need to thrive in every day life,” said Lexi Heinzer. “Transform your mind and body without even leaving your house. You will never experience a workout like the one Lagree delivers, and you will be so proud to see how strong you truly are after only a couple of classes.”
Clients can now begin building their At-Home Lagree gym with the Lagree patented Microformer workout machine. The Micro is designed to go anywhere with its lightweight and compact size. The wheels alongside the bottom of the Micro make this piece of equipment easy to move across smooth services. Instructions, exercises, routines, live classes, and Microformers are all available at https://lagreehome.com/.

About Sebastien Lagree/Lagree Fitness:
Sebastien Lagree is the CEO and Founder of Lagree Fitness. His passion for fitness stemmed from a young age growing up in the French countryside. Sebastien developed the Proformer to be paired with his method in 2006. Over the next ten years, Lagree would go on to invent the Megaformer, the Supra, and the Ultra. The Mega is a patented piece of fitness equipment that uses varying degrees of tension. The Supra is the first digitally-controlled fitness machine that inclines and tilts. In addition to numerous design patents, Lagree is the only person in the United States to hold patents on both fitness equipment and a fitness method. Sebastien currently holds 100+ patents including a patent on the method and believes that a key ingredient to successful innovation is persistence. As well as 500 studios in over 30 countries and continually expanding. Sebastien's long list of A-list devotees - including Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Calvin Harris, Chrissy Teigen, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, and many more - swear by his method to stay fit and toned. Sebastien's latest launches - the Microfromer - revolutionized home fitness in 2020, and Lagree Fitness continues to lead the fitness industry's expansion into the future of fitness in 2021 with the launch of Lagreeing at Home.

About Lagreeing At Home:
Lagreeing at Home is Lagree's virtual platform for on-demand and live classes for their at home fitness products. Co-founders, Heather Perren and Lexi Heinzer, grew the company during the pandemic when they saw a need for live classes for the new Lagree Microformer. They have taken off and been featured on The Doctors, local news stations, and in Well + Good.

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Unplugged Play: What's In Ned's Head With Teens

Summer means lots of fun! Picnics, Outings, Beach, Park, Pools, etc. But there is still a lot of downtime and kids can get sucked up into the TV, Computer and Gaming which is why I love Unplugged fun. Playing games with my kids was and still is one of my favorite things to do and we had a blast with What's In Ned's Head we have  we have played many times now adding our own things to Ned!
Given the amount of time I’ve tried to plug something in without looking and failed by jabbing the metal prongs into seemingly everywhere other than the outlet itself, I probably should have just moved furniture and looked. Perhaps I’m in need of some tactile training, and what better way than with Ned’s Head?

Are you ready to find out What’s In Ned’s Head? This hilarious gross-out game has players reaching in through Ned’s ears and nostrils to try and find the object matching on the cards. Is that a lollipop? A sock? It’s up to you to use your sense of touch to figure it out before revealing it to the eye!

What's in Ned's Head?

What's in Ned's Head? Reach inside his ears and nostrils, and find out! Each player is dealt a card with a picture of an object that is in Ned's Head. Ready, Set, GO! Reach in Ned's head and feel around for the object on your card. Who knows what you will find! A rat? A loose screw? Ned's pet spider? Be the first player to find the correct object to win! For 2-4 players, ages 4 and up.

 Reach inside Ned's ears and nostrils to find out what's in Ned's head!

  • Can you find the object on the card you were dealt?
  • Be the first player to find the correct object to win!
  • Quick to learn, easy to play

This was so much fun! I cannot wait to bring it to my preschool class so they can try to guess but for now my kids are not ready to give it up! One day!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

Playing Gator Golf With Teens

Summer has started for many areas and keeping kids offline and engaged is a struggle for many especially when you have your own work to get done or chores around the house to do. I know how hard it is when you have young ones who are so into being on a game system or You Tube watching others play games but we as parents need to make a conscious effort to keep our kids engaged, focused and excited about this non virtual reality we live in! Gaming is great, You Tube is great but there needs to be a balance and unplugged games are so much fun! Gator Golf is a fun game. You get to stand, swing a club and omg retrieve the ball which is what I spent most of my time doing but hey exercise is important too right?!

We had something like this game when my kids were younger but it has changed a little. Now there are buttons on the gator so you can keep tabs on your points. 

If you love miniature golf  but omg the prices of playing with families these days has gone up try it at home or at least practice your moves so before you get to the course, you are ready to sink some balls.  While there may not be a windmill with this you can create your own mini gold course and make it as easy or as difficult as you want. 

The girls didn't do anything fancy but they did enjoy our cat joining the game. Jinxy did try to steal their balls every once in a while which was somewhat of a challenge but what kind of fun is had by an easy game of golf anyway? 


Gator Golf

A hole-in-one is a lot more fun with Gator Golf! Grab your flamingo golf club, and aim to feed this hungry little Gator. Sink your putt by hitting your ball through the Gator’s mouth into his tail to score, but watch out – he’ll flick your ball with his tail for more putting action. The first player to score 3 points wins! Fun, active gameplay gets kids up and moving while developing large motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Cute birds on the Gator’s back serve as built-in score keepers. Gator Golf plays best indoors on low-pile carpet. 

Bullet Points

  • A hole-in-one is a lot more fun with Gator Golf!
  • Putt the ball into the Gator's mouth to score, and he'll toss your ball back with his tail for more golfing fun
  • Be the first player to score three points to win
  • Active gameplay helps develop large motor skills and gets kids moving
  • For 2-4 players, ages 3 and up
The girls had a great time and have taken the game out a few times every time Goddess friend is over.  I love that these teens love playing unplugged and I love that they still want to play games with me. . Makes my heart happy!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

#GIVEAWAY Kyle’s Little Sister by BonHyung Jeong A Coming-of-Age Graphic Novel for Middle Graders @JYforKids


(May 2021) This summer, JY – the Yen Press middle grade imprint behind celebrated works such as Svetlana Chmakova’s Awkward, Brave, and Crush – presents its latest original graphic novelLight-hearted and adorably illustrated, Kyle’s Little Sister by BonHyung Jeong (6/22/21; ISBN: 978-1-9753-1654-9; Paperback $13.00; Ages 8-12; 240 pages) addresses themes of being in the shadow of an older sibling, anxiety of not meeting expectations, and mending a friendship after a fight.

 My name is Grace, not "Kyle's little sister!"

Having a good-looking, friendly, outgoing older brother sucks—especially when you're the total opposite, someone who likes staying home and playing video games. Your parents like him better (even if they deny it!), and everyone calls you "Kyle's little sister" while looking disappointed that you're not more like him. I was really hoping I'd get to go to a different middle school, but no such luck. At least I have my friends...until he finds a way to ruin that, too...! Argh! What do I have to do to get out of his shadow?!

Jeong captures the wide range of middle school experiences with a realistic voice and sweet artwork, depicting the raw emotions at play at this age with honesty and clarity. The nearly universal struggles of middle school – friendship and conflict, romance and heartbreak, sibling rivalry and familial love – will be relatable to anyone who has grappled with coming into their own. Kyle's Little Sister has something for everyone, but especially young girls who want to see themselves in the comics they read.

Artist BonHyung Jeong (Bon) studied Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Kyle's Little Sister is her debut graphic novel, made possible with the help of numerous people. She hopes to make connections with others through relatable stories. Currently living in Korea, she's always busy playing console games—exactly like someone in the book!

About JY

JY, the middle grade graphic novel division of Yen Press, LLC, was established in the fall of 2017. This imprint is a sign of the Yen Press commitment to actively grow the catalog of quality content targeting middle grade audiences while making that content easily identifiable for parents, booksellers, librarians, and educators. For more information, visit www.jyforkids.com.

About Yen Press, LLC
Yen Press, LLC is a joint venture between Kadokawa Corporation and Hachette Book Group. Founded in 2006, Yen Press is one of the largest and most prolific publishers of manga and original graphic novels in North America and is also a leading publisher of light novels and Japanese literature through its Yen On imprint. For more information, please visit www.yenpress.com and find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @JYforKids.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion no monetary compensation was offered. 

Travel The World With The Summer Travel Book #GIVEAWAY For Kids From Prestel Junior International @presteljunior


Everyone longs to travel at some time in their life. With this amazing book giveaway you don't have to leave your backyard to experience the world. I am so happy to announce this giveaway from Prestel Junior International.


Mona Lisa in New York by Yevgenia Nayberg (Prestel Junior; 3/9/21; ISBN: 978-3791374451; Hardcover $14.95; Ages 4-8; 32 pages), a love letter to New York City, Mona Lisa is a tourist who experiences the city for the first time, and finds art, love, and inspiration in unexpected places.

Mona Lisa is taking a trip to New York from the Louvre. Yes, that Mona Lisa. The one with the knowing smile. After hanging in the museum for a while she decides to explore the city. She slips out of her painting and meets Tag, a street art figure. He takes her on an adventure from the Bronx to the Brooklyn Bridge and it turns out Mona Lisa doesn't know as much as she thought. In this beautiful and charming book, artist Yevgenia Nayberg, an immigrant to New York herself, shows young readers the city she has fallen in love with. Cleverly portraying da Vinci's iconic subject as a world-weary, know-it-all, Nayberg takes readers on a tour of New York. Mona Lisa and Tag eat pizza in the Bronx, listen to jazz in Harlem, dance to salsa music on the High Line, and swim at Brighton Beach. As Mona Lisa says goodbye to her new friend, she--and the readers--come away with a profound appreciation of the city and its wonders.

YEVGENIA NAYBERG's illustrations and paintings have appeared in magazines, picture books, record albums, and theater posters. In 2018 she received a Sydney Taylor Silver Medal for illustrating the book Drop by Drop by Jacqueline Jules. Originally from Russia, she now lives in New York City. https://nayberg.org/

Spend hours navigating the world's great rivers with Great Rivers of the World by Volker Mehnert and illustrated by Martin Haake (Prestel Junior; 3/23/21; ISBN: 978-3791374703; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 8-12; 40 pages), a vibrant, fact-filled book for kids that blends geography, history, and culture.

Where in the Rhein does the Nibelung Treasure lie? What river helps mark the prime meridian? Why do people make pilgrimages to the Indian city of Benares? Why is the Mekong called the "Nine Dragon" river in Vietnam? How does the Mississippi divide and unite the United States? These and hundreds of other facts are explored in this wonderfully illustrated atlas of the world's great rivers. Each spread in this book offers a colorful map packed with drawings, figures, and facts. Cities that border the rivers are highlighted, as are distinct flora and fauna, significant natural and human-made features, and fascinating historical details. A "biography" of each river describes where it flows, and its importance to the communities it passes through. Special attention is given to the ecological health of the rivers--those that are thriving and those in danger of losing their valuable habitats. Along the way, young readers will come to understand the enormous impact that rivers have on our lives, while learning valuable information in a way that will spark their curiosity and imagination.

VOLKER MEHNERT is a journalist, travel writer, and author of a children's biography of the explorer Alexander von Humboldt.

MARTIN HAAKE has created illustrated works for The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Penguin Books, and Volkswagen. His illustrations have earned him several awards, including the German Art Directors Club's silver medal, of which he is a two-time recipient. He lives in Berlin, Germany. http://www.martinhaake.de/

Join scientists on an unforgettable journey to Antarctica in illustrated children's book Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder by Mario Cuesta Hernando and illustrated by Raquel Martín (Prestel Junior; 6/29/21; ISBN: 978-3791374567; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 5-8; 48 pages.

Come aboard the Polar Star and accompany its crew on their half-year stay in Antarctica. Through full-page illustrations, children will experience the work and life of these explorers and scientists as they study penguins, whales, and seals, measure the depth of the ice, chart wind speeds of up to 186 mph (300km/h), examine old volcanoes, and withstand some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded. Kids will also learn about Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, the legendary explorers who first set foot on Antarctica. Equal parts thrilling adventure and in-depth exploration, this book is an unforgettable illustrated expedition to Antarctica that is sure to satisfy the boldest bedtime traveler.

MARIO CUESTA HERNANDO is a journalist and scriptwriter of many different programs relating to nature and adventure. He has traveled to Antarctica on a Spanish Navy Vessel. https://www.instagram.com/mario.cuestahernando/

RAQUEL MARTÍN is a freelance illustrator from Barcelona, who currently lives on the beautiful island of Minorca, Spain. https://raquelmartin.net/

This evocative cookbook invites kids of all ages to the table for more mouthwatering innovative outdoor fare put together by the James Beard Award-nominated author of Wild: Adventure Cooking.

In her first cookbook, Sarah Glover showed the world how liberating, satisfying, and easy it is to cook beautiful healthy food outdoors. Now she brings kids of all ages into the mix in Wild Child (Prestel; 5/4/21; ISBN: 978-3791387208; Hardcover $25.00; All Ages; 144 pages), proving that they too can take part in collecting, preparing, and cooking campfire meals the whole family can enjoy. Glover's simple yet elegant meals are inspired by the land and the sea: fish and ears of corn dangled on a stick over an open flame; perfect bread baked directly on hot coals; kale and potatoes simmered in saltwater; eggs fried alongside spicy sausage and toast; chili-brined cherry tomatoes--and more. Glover emphasizes fresh seasonal food that can be acquired locally. And, while her techniques date back to ancient traditions, the flavors are distinctly modern. Brimming with gorgeous landscape photography from across the Australian continent, this stylish yet down-to-earth cookbook encourages families to embrace the outdoors, teaches young chefs valuable techniques and life skills, and proves once again that everything tastes better cooked over an open flame.

SARAH GLOVER has worked as a chef and pastry chef in Tasmania, Sydney, and New York City. Her first book, Wild (Prestel, 2018) was nominated for a 2019 James Beard Award for Best Photography. She lives in Tasmania, Australia. https://www.sarahglover.com.au/

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Disclaimer: NO monetary compensation was offered to host this giveaway

Useful Marketing Techniques for Your Business


Regardless of whether you have an already established business or are just starting out, you must have an effective marketing strategy in place. Marketing is essentially what gets your brand name out there and helps potential customers find you. While you may be on a strict budget, the good news is that there are plenty of effective marketing strategies which wont break the bank but will allow you to get the recognition you desire to ensure you achieve long-term success. In this guide, were going to take a look at just a few of the useful marketing techniques for your business:

1. Create a website

The foundation of any marketing campaign is to create a website. This will ultimately act as a technological business card, which contains all of the information a new consumer needs to know about your corporation, drives visitors to your social media pages and establishes yourself as a leader in the industry. There are some key differences between a good and bad website, so it would be highly advised to hire a professional web designer to ensure your website has a good user experience, SEO functions and a relevant domain name to name some of the key basics. 

2. Email marketing 

Small business can truly make use of email marketing to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. When consumers visit your website, asking them to sign up to an email newsletter (with the small return token of a discount code or freebie) will allow them to stay up to date with new-in stock, sales and offers. People are much more likely to engage with a business that displays a sense of humanity and addresses them personally, which is what email marketing can achieve. There is an array of platforms online to find templates and tools for constructing a professional and polished message to send out to your customers.

3. Traditional marketing is not dead 

Many believe that traditional marketing is well and truly a thing of the past; however, it can be extremely effective for small businesses – especially those which rely on local trade or regularly attend trade events and shows. Eco friendly expo banners, t-shirts and mugs from Redbows imprinted with your companys logo are perfect for instilling brand recognition. In addition, smaller items such as pens, mouse mats and coasters are ideal promotional items to hand out to customers as a tool to keep your brand name top of mind when they arrive home.

4. Share knowledge with your customers 

Do you have a wealth of knowledge in your industry? Dont be afraid to hide it. Consumers are always on the lookout for businesses with significant experience and expertise within their trade, as it builds customer trust, leading to a potential increase in sales. You could consider filming a YouTube tutorial on the use of your products or write regular blog posts on subject matters in your field to express your expertise and stand you in a better position against competitors. 

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Beatles Fans Will Want To Mark Their Calendar For This Special 3 Day Presentation of This Beatles Documentary In November @thebeatles @DisneyPlus







Over Six Hours of Never-Before-Seen Restored Footage, Including

The Beatles’ Last Live Performance, to Roll Out on Disney+

Over Three Days, November 25, 26 and 27, 2021


BURBANK, Calif. (June 17, 2021)—The Walt Disney Studios, Apple Corps Ltd. and WingNut Films Productions Ltd. announced today that Disney+ will bring “The Beatles: Get Back,” a Disney+ Original documentary series directed by Peter Jackson, to fans and music lovers worldwide over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Because of the wealth of tremendous footage Peter Jackson has reviewed, which he has spent the past three years restoring and editing, “The Beatles: Get Back” will be presented as three separate episodes. Each episode is approximately two hours in length, rolling out over three days, November 25, 26 and 27, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.

 “As a huge Beatles fan myself, I am absolutely thrilled that Disney+ will be the home for this extraordinary documentary series by the legendary filmmaker Peter Jackson,” said Bob Iger, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, The Walt Disney Company. “This phenomenal collection of never-before-seen footage offers an unprecedented look at the close camaraderie, genius songwriting, and indelible impact of one of the most iconic and culturally influential bands of all time, and we can’t wait to share ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ with fans around the world.” 


Peter Jackson commented, “In many respects, Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s remarkable footage captured multiple storylines. The story of friends and of individuals. It is the story of human frailties and of a divine partnership. It is a detailed account of the creative process, with the crafting of iconic songs under pressure, set amid the social climate of early 1969. But it’s not nostalgia - it’s raw, honest, and human. Over six hours, you’ll get to know The Beatles with an intimacy that you never thought possible.” 


He added, “I’m very grateful to The Beatles, Apple Corps and Disney for allowing me to present this story in exactly the way it should be told. I’ve been immersed in this project for nearly three years, and I’m very excited that audiences around the world will finally be able to see it.”


Directed by three-time Oscar®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “They Shall Not Grow Old”), “The Beatles: Get Back” takes audiences back in time to the band’s intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history. The documentary showcases the warmth, camaraderie and creative genius that defined the legacy of the iconic foursome, compiled from over 60 hours of unseen footage shot in January 1969 (by Michael Lindsay-Hogg) and more than 150 hours of unheard audio, all of which has been brilliantly restored.Jackson is the only person in 50 years to have been given access to these private film archives. “The Beatles: Get Back” is the story of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr as they plan their first live show in over two years, capturing the writing and rehearsing of 14 new songs, originally intended for release on an accompanying live album. The documentary features – for the first time in its entirety – The Beatles’ last live performance as a group, the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row, as well as other songs and classic compositions featured on the band’s final two albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be.


An exciting new collaboration between The Beatles and Jackson presented by The Walt Disney Studios in association with Apple Corps Ltd. and WingNut Films Productions Ltd., “The Beatles: Get Back” is directed by Peter Jackson, produced by Clare Olssen (“They Shall Not Grow Old”) and Jonathan Clyde (“Eight Days a Week”), with Ken Kamins (“The Hobbit” trilogy) and Apple Corps’ Jeff Jones (“Eight Days a Week”) serving as executive producers. Jabez Olssen (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) serves as the documentary’s editor, and the music is mixed by Giles Martin (“Rocketman”) and Sam Okell (“Yesterday”).


“The Beatles: Get Back” is being made with the enthusiastic support of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison. 


Ahead of the documentary’s Disney+ debut, Apple Corps Ltd./Callaway Arts & Entertainment will release The Beatles: Get Back book on October 12. Beautifully designed and produced, the 240-page hardcover complements the “Get Back” documentary with transcriptions of The Beatles’ recorded conversations and hundreds of exclusive, never before published photos from the three weeks of sessions. The collectible book will be published in nine international language editions, including English.


About Disney+:

Disney+ is the dedicated streaming home for movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, along with The Simpsons and much more. In select international markets, it also includes the new general entertainment content brand, Star. The flagship direct-to-consumer streaming service from The Walt Disney Company, Disney+ is part of the Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution segment. The service offers commercial-free streaming alongside an ever-growing collection of exclusive originals, including feature-length films, documentaries, live-action and animated series, and short-form content. With unprecedented access to Disney’s long history of incredible film and television entertainment, Disney+ is also the exclusive streaming home for the newest releases from The Walt Disney Studios. Disney+ is available as a standalone streaming service or as part of The Disney Bundle that gives subscribers access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. For more, visit disneyplus.com, or find the Disney+ app on most mobile and connected TV devices.


About Apple Corps Ltd.:

Apple Corps Ltd. was founded by The Beatles in 1968 to oversee the band’s own creative and business interests. As part of its management of The Beatles’ entire intellectual property canon, the London-based company administers the legendary band’s recorded catalogue along with film, theatrical, and book publishing rights. Apple Corps has piloted innovative, award-winning Beatles projects which have become benchmarks for pioneering accomplishment, including The Beatles Anthology TV series, book and music collections; The Beatles 1; Anniversary Editions for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The BEATLES (‘White Album’) and Abbey RoadThe Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil®; SiriusXM’s The Beatles Channel; and “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years,” directed by Ron Howard.


About WingNut Films Ltd.:

WingNut Films is based in Wellington, New Zealand and was founded by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. WingNut Films has produced all of Peter Jackson’s films, including “Heavenly Creatures,” “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit Trilogies,” “King Kong,” “The Lovely Bones” and most recently the acclaimed First World War documentary “They Shall Not Grow Old.” WingNut has also produced “The Adventures of Tin Tin,” directed by Steven Spielberg, “District 9,” directed by Neill Blomkamp, “West of Memphis,” directed by Amy Berg and “Mortal Engines,” directed by Christian Rivers.


# # #