Sunday, September 06, 2009

Self Portrait Sunday - The Freshened Up Me!

To find out why I began Self Portrait Sunday, see my first post here.

So, while I liked the original photo of myself, I decided to play around with it and brighten up my face. My mother had blue eyes and I always wanted to see if I would look more like her if they were blue. I also airbrushed some wrinkles and sun spots. I like the look. My husband says, "I would do her." Umm...should I be happy or insulted I am not sure. Especially, since I don't feel I look that much different.


  1. You are very beautiful! The blue eyes do look great even if they were artificial. You have beautiful eyes the way they are though!

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    You look beautiful no matter what color eyes or how many wrinkles you have.

  3. You know that I thing you are beautiful inside and out! I am partial to blue eyes... :-) I think you look great either way, the airbrushing looks nice, but it really doesn't make that much difference. I think you should just smack the hubby.
    Great self portraits, BTW, mine are up, too.

  4. I forgot to leave the link, DUH!!

  5. You are beautiful !

  6. Matt, Thanks so much! I appreciate that!

    Clary, Oh girlfriend, you are the best!

    OMG, Awww...sweet. Thanks.

    Lorie, Thanks so much! The airbrushing was mucho fun. I may have to play some more.

    Peggy, Thanks so much. I really appreciate that.


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