Sunday, September 06, 2009

Camera Critters - The Spider

Camera Critters

This past weekend we had a little spider problem. They came down right in front of the sliding doors and they were huge. They are eating well which is good for us. I know it cuts down on the flying bugs but I cannot have these things above my head with the possibility of descending at any time.

My husband and I sprayed like crazy and this guy fell on the deck. He is dead, but I still couldn't take the picture of him. My husband was holding him in one hand and took the picture with the other hand. I was too busy jumping around, screaming.


  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    OMG that is disgusting. I would have screamed as well.

  2. NO HOLDING SPIDERS! EVEN IF THEY ARE DEAD! I am having full-body shivers now :)

  3. Hi Maria, What is on the back of the spider? Is that part of it??? Eewww!
    I'm with you...I do not like spiders!

  4. OK, so now I am totally creeped out and I only looked at the pic for a nanosecond! Did ya have to make the pic so big???

  5. Clary, Is that nasty or what? Arrghhhh

    Lorie, It was so big.

    Renee, He picks them up dead or alive all the time. Nasstttyyy!

    Cathi, Yup that is part of the spider. Have no idea what it is. Maybe a fiddleback?

    Lady, Sorry about that. I have it all set to automatic. Mental note taken for next time.

  6. wow I can not stare!
    I think you were very brave to take this shot!
    purrs and love
    Happy Camera critters


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