Wednesday, September 02, 2009

ABC Wednesday- Round 5 - G

ABC Wednesday this week is doing the letter "G"

We headed to the zoo yesterday and my son spent a lot of time gazing at this huge snake.

My kids are also growing! I had them stand by this same sign last year.
Here they are this year

Here they were last year
Then we have G for well, obviously, goats.
While at a friend's, the kids had their first exposure to Gardening


  1. Perfect choices for the letter G. Thanks for dropping by my post and leaving the kind comment.

  2. Amazing how kids grow, and how time flies by when you are with children growing up.

  3. That was a fun post!! I love the one of your son looking at the big snake - it reminds me of my own boys when they were young. The penguin comparison is great too! They grow sooo fast!

  4. Beautiful pictures of your children and their summer activities. That is a huge snake!! Wonderful post!

  5. Great "G" photos and your kids sure have grown in one year!

  6. Forgot to mention that my "G" is up too:

  7. It's such fun watching children experience new things.

    On behalf of the ABC Team, thanks for posting in spite of the difficulties!

  8. Finally found your post off the ABC Wednesday - boy I miss the Linky thing.

    Anyway, great group of Gs.

  9. Photowannabe, Thanks so much!

    Hype, True. I just had to coming up with one so why not share them all. Thanks for coming.

    G&B, They DO grow so damn fast.

    Jay, Awww...thanks so much for stopping by.

    April, Thanks. They had an awesome summer.

    Vicki, I know it! Too much.

    Lorie, Thanks for stopping by. I will stop by to check you out.

    Dragonstar, Thank you so much. Not that big a problem. It is all workable.

    Roger, Thanks for stopping and searching.


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