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A Checklist for Planning a Detox or Cleanse

Cleanse or detoxification will purge your system of toxins, and this has a variety of health benefits. You can use fast diets, drinks, or powders as detox regimens, sometimes called detox diets or detox drinks visits for more

Health Benefits of detoxification

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reliefs constipation
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Ensures healthy breath
  • Improved immunity
  • Provides relief associated with headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue.

Detoxing makes you more aware of what you consume and what goes into your body. You will be able to enjoy well-balanced, healthy meals while experimenting with new foods you learn to love too.

As part of our natural detoxification process, our bodies eliminate toxins. The digestive system, liver, kidneys, and skin break toxins down for excretion through the urine, feces, or sweat.

Exactly how does detox work?

A person undergoes detoxification to flush alcohol and drugs from their body so that they can begin treatment in a stable and controlled manner. When an individual becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, their body becomes accustomed to these substances. Detoxification gradually reduces and eliminates these chemicals, so the brain needs time to adjust to a sudden drop. With such symptoms, you will suffer unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

In detoxification, the goal is to reduce withdrawal symptoms while ensuring comfort and safety. Medical aid and support can ensure successful detoxification. Medical professionals usually handle these procedures at a detox facility such as or a specialized center. As many failed attempts lead to failure, self-detoxification is very rare, resulting in unnecessary withdrawal symptoms and frustration.

Are there any health benefits to detox regimens?

There is little credible evidence that detox regimens remove toxins from the body. The specific detox diet varies partly because of the fasting period following a limited consumption of raw vegetables, fruits, or juices. Some detox diets recommend using herbs and other supplements, as well as intestinal cleansing (enemas).

Detoxing can activate the brain and make it more alert, and people usually feel more focused and energized throughout the process. Although detox diets claim to remove toxins from the body, little evidence suggests that they do so. The kidney and liver remove almost all toxic substances before excretion.

Why do people say they feel better after the detox? In contrast to highly processed foods, which contain solid fats and added sugars, detox diets contribute to this. Some people experience better health by avoiding foods that have high caloric and low nutritional content.

You should consult your doctor before beginning a detox diet. Aside from the potential benefits, it is also important to consider the side effects. Excessive protein consumption or fasting during detoxification may lead to fatigue. When you fast for an extended period, you can become deficient in vitamins and minerals.

The pros and cons of detoxing

Do not get sucked into the detox fad. This involves changing one's diet for a specific period to rid the body of toxic substances. Different detox options target different parts of the body.


  • Helps improve liver and kidney function
  • An increase in energy and vitality
  • Activates your mind and soul
  • It kicks starts a weight-loss journey.
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps one avoid bad eating habits


  • A sudden change in your diet, such as the consumption of high-fiber fruits, may cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea as your body adjusts.
  • Teenagers and people with certain health conditions should avoid detox diets since they may not get enough calories and protein.
  • Cleansers and detoxers have no long-term purpose other than to get people started on a healthy diet and exercise program.
  • Compared to natural mechanisms, detoxes do not seem to be as effective at removing toxins from the body.

Regardless of your decision, it is important to remember that your body tries to eliminate toxins naturally. Exercise-friendly diets include fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, besides being healthy for the overall body.


Back To School Roundup

Omgosh hair brushing can bring the anxiety and tears for some kids. My daughter use to hate me brushing her hair. Crave Naturals' O.G. Glide Thru Detangling Brush.

The CDC estimates that approximately 6-12 million cases of head lice occur in the United States yearly, mainly in children ages 3-11 years old. Luckily, we have Risa Barash, aka “Lice Lady” and founder of Fairy Tales Hair Carethe #1 line of all-natural hair care for kids, which, as an added bonus, also protects them from lice!

 I am in love with my @lamy_official Fountain Pen. Such a great feel and glides so smoothly across the paper. Haven’t missed a day writing in my journal since I got it! 

THE LUMICHARGE II LED-BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL: Lumicharge will have LUMI 30 code for 30% LumiCharge II is an all-in-one desk lamp. It’s multi-functional features include a convenient place to charge your phone with a universal charging dock (all phone types) and the 10W Wireless Fast Charger that charges two phones at once! The overall minimalistic presence of the 2.0 version will turn your desk into an efficient and non-cluttered study or work space! With three different hues (cool, warm and yellow), different levels of brightness, directional lighting, built-in-motion sensor to turn on when entering a room and an anti-bacterial surface-important in today’s environment.  This model includes an upgraded dimmable calendar display with daylight savings, date, temperature and calendar with alarm options. LumiCharge has a T2W model with a bluetooth speaker. 

@thelumicharge AVAILABLE: 

Fenrici - Trendy New Backpacks and Lunchboxes: 

Mermaids and dinosaurs - oh my! Fenrici has debuted new, eco-conscious backpacks and matching lunchboxes that feature dinosaurs, mermaids and more for back-to-school. With exciting new patterns to hold all of the essentials, kids will love carrying everything in a roomy, comfortable pack. Durable and made from recycled materials, the backpacks can hold a laptop, books and more. The new backpacks and matching lunchboxes are available on and, with every purchase giving back to Global Genes. Trendy new patterns include Aqua Mermaid, Blue Dinosaur, Purple Terrazzo, Camo, Tie-Dye Blue, Tie-Dye Pink and Leopard. I stole my daughter's new galaxy backpack to use this summer. I love the colors and the amount of space. Holds everything I need.

Learn more at

Blinks: Go back to school with the world's first smart tabletop game system with 30 games – built with AI-powered intelligent game pieces that respond to your touch, communicate with each other, and think for themselves. Every piece knows its own game and can learn new games. Blinks are portable and completely modular, so the more Blinks you have, the bigger games and experiences you can create anywhere you are.  Deal: Starter set of 9 games is now $149.

LilGadgets Headphones: Compact, foldable, non-pinching, with snag-free cushioning and comfy fixed-ear cup design, LilGadgets have a max volume of 93db. Comes with a SharePort so two children can share a device without sharing headphones, and they have a built-in microphone. LilGadgets Connect+ line is wired and designed for kids 3+. The Untangled Pro model is a wireless Bluetooth headphone that gives children the freedom to roam up to 30 feet away from their device while wearing them. Sold at:,, and

KC Cubs

These fun and educational rugs make learning fun for toddlers. KC Cubs' high quality rugs are perfect to teach your child the alphabet in an interactive way with memorization games.
BTS DEAL: Educational rugs are 20-40% off in August and there is also an extra 10% off for joining the email list.


Case-its durable and fun binders make it easy to keep everything from pencils and paper to calculators and chrome books organized for kids. Their binders feature padded covers, zipper closures and additional storage features to fit any classroom.

One of our favorite features is the sturdy shoulder strap that could almost make this organizer replace a backpack!

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Morning Bird:

Kids will need to get back on a routine sleep schedule. Morning Bird's bedding features their favorite characters including Batman™, Hot Wheels™, L.O.L. Surprise!™, PAW Patrol™, Ryan's World™ and many more. 

Their snuggly soft bedding products are made from 100% cotton which include organic sheet sets, shams and duvets, as well as quilts, sherpa throws and knit throws. With their versatile, family-friendly fabrics and original designs, it is easy to create the perfect sanctuary for your little bird. 

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World Renown Conceptual Artist Luis Camnitzer Pens First Children's Book (Sept)

THE VOLUME (Gregory R. Miller & Co; on-sale August 31, 2021; ISBN: 978-1-941366-28-8) is celebrated contemporary artist Luis Camnitzer’s first children’s book.  It's a whimsical adventure that takes readers on a journey through concepts that are the foundation of both art and life.


Camnitzer turns his powers of observation to familiar visual ideas and helps us to see them anew. Words and art collide—in Camnitzer’s signature style— to create a book that explores the very existence of humanity and the essence of being human. THE VOLUME helps us understand, in a charming way, how a simple dot on a page can lead to the creation of letters, colors, drawings and infinite possibilities. 


Luis Camnitzer (born 1937) is a German-born Uruguayan artist, curator, art critic and academic who was at the forefront of 1960s Conceptual art. Camnitzer has had numerous solo museum exhibitions over the course of his career and his work is in important museum collections throughout the world. He lives and works in Great Neck, New York, and taught at SUNY Old Westbury, where he is currently a professor emeritus.

This wonderful children’s book Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel is a whimsical tale about a squirrel with a food allergy. Nutley’s message of community support and friendship resonates with all students. As the parent of a child with multiple food allergies, Stephanie donates 100% of the book’s proceeds to F.A.R.E, an organization dedicated to food allergy research and education. 


Her latest book, Am I a Unicorn was written to teach children the valuable lessons of embracing one's uniqueness and accepting others for who they are inside.  The story touches on self-esteem and diversity, ultimately teaching the important lesson of accepting one's individuality. 

BIO - Stephanie Sorkin

Stephanie Sorkin is the award-winning author of “Nutley, the Nut-free Squirrel”,“Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces” and “Frenemy Jane, the Sometimes Friend”. Her fourth and latest book,“ Am I A Unicorn?” will be released on December 8, 2020, to educate children on the value of acceptance and the beauty in differences. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Ms. Sorkin donates a portion of her books proceeds to various charities supporting children. Ms. Sorkin has appeared in the New York Times Style Section and written numerous articles for national publications. As a food allergy advocate, she spends her time visiting schools in the tri-state area, discussing the inspiration behind her books and the importance of creativity.  Stephanie lives in New York with her husband and 3 kids.

The ONLY Interactive Zodiac Series for Babies

In this brand-new, 12 board book series, each astrological sign will learn a fun summary of their personalities based on the stars. With a wheel to spin on every page—to help little ones develop their motor skills—there are endless possibilities to discover in this perfect introduction to astrology.

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Let Your Brows Take the Fashion Plunge

Just like every other type of fashion, eyebrow trends come and go. If you look at fashion magazines from every decade, you will see how much attention is given to eyebrows. From soft and natural, arched, full or barely there, eyebrows make a statement just as much as the clothes you wear.

Eyebrow Trends Through the Years:

Starting with the 1920s’ here is a look at brow trends through the years, as chronicled by Cosmopolitan:

  • The 1920s: The style was thin with rounded arches. Think of actresses like Clara Bow and her penciled-in eyebrows.
  • The 1930s: Brows were beginning to get a bit thicker, like those of songstress Billie Holliday.
  • The 1940s: By the 1940s, brows like Joan Crawford’s were thicker and more natural, instead of thin or drawn in.
  • The 1950s: More definition was seen instead of the think natural brows in the 1940s. They were natural with subtly pointed arches, like those that Marilyn Monroe made famous.
  • The 1960s: The 1960s focused more on eyelashes, like bold, whimsical lashes made famous by many of the fashion icons of the day, like Twiggy. Eyebrows were light, well-manicured, and didn’t detract from lashes.
  • The 1970s: In the 1970s Disco was all the rage and glamorous, bold make-up styles were seen at Studio 54, and all the top discos of the era. There were bold eyeshadows and a LOT of blush. Brows were thin and arched, like those by Donna Summer.
  • The 1980s: By the 1980s, Hollywood models and actresses sported thick, unruly brows. All the women that over-plucked their brows in the 60s and 70s were now longing for lush think brows.
  • The 1990s: Most of the models and trendsetters in the 90s sported thin, well-plucked brows like those of Kate Moss. Those that let their brows go in the 1980s were plucking away by the 90s.
  • 2000: Early in the 2000s, thin brows continued to stay trendy. But as the decade wore on, we saw brows becoming more important again. Diverse brow styles started to become fashionable thinner, defined brows began to show up again.

Eyebrow Trends in 2021:

The 2021 eyebrow trends include both thin and thicker brows. According to Damone Roberts, a celebrity eyebrow expert, eyebrows are one of the most underestimated facial features.

Here are some of the top eyebrow trends you should expect to see this year.

  • Overly Fluffy: Brow gels and brow lamination give a more natural look by using products that help brows stay in place.
  • GeoLift: The GeoLift brow is full and fluffy at the front and arches at the top, with a tapered end. Bella Hadid is one of the celebrities that enjoy this look.
  • Natural Look: Many women are getting away from the super-manicured and drawn-in brow, opting for a more natural look.
  • Colorful Arches: People are having fun with make-up again. Many trendsetters are using glitter not only on their eyelids but on their brows. Colors like navy, maroon, and violet hues are becoming all the rage, in part to social media mavens.

Beautiful Brows No Matter What You Prefer:

California is a fashion hub, just take a walk along Rodeo Drive, and you can see fashionistas walking the streets in their finest outfits. It is fitting that California is also a hub for eyebrow fashion. Browology is one of the top salons for brow shaping in Del Mar. The brow experts can wax, tweeze, and create a well-groomed brow that will accent your overall look.

If you’re planning to subtly change your look, scheduling a brow shaping appointment at Browology can upgrade your look in minutes. They are at 12865 Pointe Del Mar Way, Suite 290, Del Mar, CA. Call for an appointment at 858-285-0285.


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Noah’s gonna need a bigger Ark.

 From Wild Eye Releasing, and director Mark Polonia, this November fall into the jaws of Noah’s Shark!

 A fame-seeking televangelist and his film crew team set out to find the fabled Noah’s Ark, but discover it is guarded by both an ancient curse and a prehistoric great white shark.

 Director: Mark Polonia

Cast: Jeff Kirkendall, Tim Hatch, Jamie Morgan, Samantha Coolidge, Ryan Dalto


NOAH'S SHARK will be available this November!


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Forest School Wild Play Is Just What Your Kids Need To Unplug

Are your kids glued to a screen? And fed up with the same old walks you’ve been dragging them on for the last year? Make getting outside more fun for everyone - the Forest School way. 

After the huge success of their two previous Forest School books, Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton are back with Forest School Wild Play, jam-packed with new activities for kids - this time focusing on interacting with the four elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. 

You guys know this  past year has really brought home the importance of getting outside when you can and reconnecting with nature, particularly for those of us who interact with kids. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, teacher or Forest School leader, this book is the ideal guide to help children discover, explore and have fun while learning new skills in nature. 

With activities ranging from making kites and whistles for Air, to building a Dakota fire pit and a bug-repellant torch for Fire, to making a mudslide and a bogolan mud cloth painting for Earth, building watertight dens and playing splash! for Water, there is something to excite every child. It also includes a story linked to each element to tell the children, to deepen their connection to the natural world. 

Let’s go! Mix up your time spent outdoors and try something new with these fun activities, improving your mental and physical health, all while gaining a deeper understanding of the amazing web of life that we are all a part of.

Check out their You Tube Videos like the one about dying clothes with Ivy Leaves 


Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton are qualified Level 3 Forest School leaders, running their own London-based Forest School (The Forest School Way) as well as The Crafting Shed, a multi-medium STEAM and creative art club. 

JANE WORROLL is a former Countryside Ranger, gardener and tree surgeon, with a degree in ecology and an MSc in environmental conservation. 

PETER HOUGHTON is an artist, experienced in green woodwork and a master woodcarver. Peter previously worked for many years in a children's charity as an art workshop facilitator and key worker supporting vulnerable inner-city children and young people.

A Guide to Men’s Fall Skincare Essentials - Don't they deserve great skin too?!

Like women, Men should take the time to treat and love their skin as much as women do!  Skin ages due to a number of factors. Perhaps the single greatest factor causing premature aging is external environment damage, which is often referred to as extrinsic aging.

Extrinsic aging results from external factors … sun damage (UV), air pollution, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and poor nutrition … all are extrinsic aging contributors. As we move from the heat of summer into the dryness of Fall, it is important to adjust your skincare regime to adapt to the change of seasons, and protect your skin from external environmental damage.


These power-packed products are the bomb for men’s faces and should form part of any guy’s essential fall skincare regime:

1.     Face Masks - 

Mantra Mask's CBD sheet masks work for all skin types:

The Marine Hydration Mask provides tightening, moisturizing and rehydration all in one use! This mineral-rich, nutrient-packed mask smacks of the ocean, and contains some of the sea’s most powerful ingredients to deliver a luxury experience for your skin. Think seaweed, spirulina algae, sea kelp and dead sea salts… It's like going for a swim in the ocean!  Packed with antioxidants, this mask delivers a treatment like no other. Detox, hydrate and quench your skin with essential vitamins -  hydrating, detoxifying and perfect for all men’s skin types.

The After SunMask  works wonders for those men who spend a lot of time outdoors and playing sports. The CBD After Sun Mask revives tired skin, soothes sun damage, reduces inflammation and fights free radical exposure. Bring your skin to life with over 10 powerful antioxidants including chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, and chia seed. Lock in moisture and reduce inflammation with this powerful CBD formula – you’ll be back to your glowing self in no time!  Our AFTER SUN mask can provide damage control that is outstanding in greatly reducing the aging contributors.

2.              Serums  -

Natura Culina green, clean and simple serums work for all skin types:

The Splash Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a silky, plant-based skin hydration booster that softens and hydrates the skin. Aiding the skin in retaining moisture throughout the day, this serum is a must-have for faces that spend a lot of time in the sun and for those with a heavy sport regime.

 The "C" Me Vitamin C Serum is a plant-based, lightweight, and powerful Vitamin C Serum enriched with Tremella mushroom extract that brightens skin tone while lightening discoloration and hyperpigmentation, and improves elasticity to prevent premature aging.  The Vitamin C Serum is blendedwith Tremella mushroom extract which is widely known as the “snow mushroom” and is the star of the serum.  It provides restoring benefits while leaving the skin feeling hydrated.  This duo of Vitamin C and Tremella mushroom extract makes our “C”Me serum the perfect product for those who want to naturally brighten and enhance their skin while providing it with loads of anti-aging benefits.  Let’s not look any older than we have to!


3.              Exfoliator & Eye Care - 

Facial Lounges facial products are curated from clean and natural ingredients that are vegan, organic, gluten-free and non-toxic. Only the highest quality materials are used on facial tools and accessories.

Cryo Globes are facial globes that eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes, reduce oiliness, ease acne and give your skin the perfect healthy glow. Made of glass containing cold liquid, they are to be placed in the freezer to prepare for use. Cryotherapy is an excellent facial technique that can now be practiced at home. After a late night out or should you be wanting to get your best look on for that special date, this is a must to get that sparkle back in your eyes!

The Brightening Exfoliating Pads remove dead skin cells, blackheads, congestion, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. Carefully blended with Mandelic acid, Salicylic acid, and Lactic acid, this is the perfect choice for sensitive or dry skin. Exfoliate to remove that dead tired skin, and get your cell turnover to speed up for a younger, gorgeous you!