Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Always Knew I Would Be One of THOSE Parents

It is only the second day of school and already I had a conversation with the principal. Yeah, I'm one of THOSE parents, what of it.

Nothing bad happened I just thought that it was unfair that my son's class had to wait 15 minutes to be taken into school today.

Here, let me paint the picture.

School starts 8:50 a.m.
We got there at 8:45 a.m.
The buses started coming in at 8:55 a.m.
Bus 1 lets out and the teachers aids starts putting together single file groups of children by teacher's name (4 teachers). I send my son over to his line.
The first group heads into the school
The second group heads into the school
The third group heads into the school
My son's line remains standing.

Bus 2 arrives, lines are formed and my son's line added onto by the new kids coming off the bus.
The first group heads into the school
The second group heads into the school
The third group heads into the school
My son's line remains standing.

Bus 3 arrives, lines are formed and my son's line added onto by........blah, blah blah
The same thing happens with the lines going into the school.
What the hell???

I walk over to the aid in front of my son's line and ask, "Will this happen every morning, where these kids are held here until the last bus?" She says, "this line?" I say, "Yes, this line, my son's line."

She says, "yes, probably." after the last of the lines from bus 3 head in my son's very full (19 kids) heads in.


So, now it is 9:15 and my son has been standing in front of the school waiting patiently to go in since 8:45 a.m. Why am I getting there on time if this will happen every day?

How can you expect 19 kindergarten kids to remain standing in single file for over 20 minutes while they watch the other classes head in.

Here's the thing, my son's class teacher and room is new. There was a boom in registration and they had to get a fourth class. They put the fourth class on a different floor because they didn't have room in the kindergarten wing. There are 3 flights of stairs to get to the second floor and obviously the aid doesn't want to do the trip up and down. The other aids who head in after each bus simply stay on the ground floor. Those kids get to come in off the bus ride or mom's car and have some down time before class begins.

Not, my son's class who have to remain standing and then head into class to sit at desks until 3:20.

The fact that the classroom is on a different floor is not the problem of the students this is a problem for the school.

If the aid has a problem going up and down everyday, maybe they could get a back up aid or the teacher could come down and take the first group and second group up while the lazy aid (not nice, I know) waits for bus 3.

As my son's class headed in and the principal turned to follow I said, "excuse me, can I ask you something?" Then I asked him exactly what I asked the aid. I also told him that I understood it was only the second day and that I wasn't looking to start trouble but I felt it was unfair for that last class to wait there while they watch 9 groups walk into the school before them. That it was unfair to expect those kids to stand in single file before school for 20 minutes and then head up into a classroom and be expected to not be a little hyped up after a 20 minute ride to school and then a 20 minute stand in line like a solider. I even offered to walk a group up if he needed a volunteer.

He laughed about the volunteer thing, "ohhh noooo..hahahaah"...then talked about it being the first few days and working the kinks out. He also said he would talk to the teacher and see if they could work something out.

I highly doubt she was spoken to but I intend on speaking with her myself, just to let her know how well behaved they are outside and that I would be willing to walk a group up.

It just seems unfair to think that children 4-6 should be expect to stand in line for so long when it is not their fault that the class is on another floor. It is the schools problem and they have to make amends for it. It has to be handled and if I see the same thing tomorrow, I will have to head into Mr. Principal's office just to once again.

Other than that, my son had another fantastic day.

The aid who I had spoken to in the morning told me that he had a great day and that he is a fantastic listener. As if I didn't know.

Ahhhhh...and so it begins. PTSA, here I come are you ready????


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I know we spoke about it already but I just want you to know that I back you up 100%More parents should be as concerned as you are, the school would be a much better place. If all else fails my husband says there is a picture of me in the office with a caption, "don't let this woman in here she causes too much trouble" so your best pic can be put up right next to mine. :)
    Luv Ya and remember you are a GREAT mom!!

  2. Here is another Lorie, who agrees with you 100%... I wish every mom was one of THOSE moms; if they were, there would be fewer of THAT kids.
    I'm so glad your Little Man is doing so well in school, I knew he would... you ARE a GREAT mom!!

  3. You seem like a great mom and be glad you're one of those parents. I already know I'll be one lol.


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