Daddys and Daughters


Daddys & Daughters

7 + 2 Layer – Oh hell, everyone else did this


7 + 2 Layer – Oh hell, everyone else did this

— Name: Maria
— Birth date: August 1966
— Birthplace: Queens, NY
— Current Location: Upstate, NY
— Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
— Hair Color: Brown
— Height: 4’11 & 1/4″ Yup, I need to include that damn 1/4 inch
— Righty or Lefty: righty, but ambidextrous on some things
— Zodiac Sign: Leo
— Your heritage: Italian American
— The shoes you wore today: None today
— Your weakness: Now why would I devulge that?
— Your fears: The thing in the closet, under the bed, in the shower, spiders, It would be easier to say what I am not afraid of
— Your perfect pizza: It is all in the sauce. Any topping with excellent sauce
— Goal you’d like to achieve: Getting through the day
— Your most overused phrase on AIM: What the hell is AIM?
— Your first waking thoughts: Damn, it’s morning already?
— Your best physical feature: I don’t think I have one these days. I usually got comments on my eyes or my hair
— Your most cherised memory: The days I meet my babies for the first time
— Pepsi or Coke: Neither. If I was going to drink soda it would be Dr. Pepper
— McDonald’s or Burger King: I like Burger King for burgers and McDonald’s for fries
— Single or group dates: Now that I am married I would love a date with my husband.
— Adidas or Nike: Whatever.
— Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither, but I do love a cup of tea before bed.
— Chocolate or vanilla: Either
— Cappuccino or coffee: (Java of any kind is fine in my book)
— Smoke: Cough! Choke..gross man. I would never smoke.
— Cuss: With total abandon .
— Sing: Yes and sometimes I even sing in key
— Take a shower everyday: Yes! Do you think I would say no to this even if it was true?
— Do you think you’ve been in love: Absolutely
— Want to go to college: Perhaps!
— Liked high school: Ummm. It was ok
— Want to get married: Been there done that. It has it’s moments.
— Believe in yourself: I better, no one else is going to right?!
— Get motion sickness: Nope
— Think you’re attractive: Not anymore but there was a time when I was pretty OK. I didn’t think it then but when I look back now I see it.
— Think you’re a health freak: Oh God no. I would like to be but not enough to do anything about it.
— Get along with your parent(s): Dad is alive. He’s ok!.
— Like thunderstorms: Love em!.
— Play an instrument: I used to play the clarinet, trumpet and bass guitar (oh so many years ago)
LAYER SIX: In the past month…
— Drank alcohol: No
— Smoked: NOPE!
— Done a drug: I got some good ones during my stay at the hospital after giving birth to my daughter.
— Made Out: LOL…HA HA HA!!
— Gone on a date: LOL HA HA HA
— Gone to the mall?: NOPE.
— Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No but I did in the past eat a whole box of Entemann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.
— Eaten sushi: No but I have been craving it.
— Been on stage: Not since I was 10.
— Been dumped: Not in the past 18 years.
— Gone skating: Ice or Roller? Not in the past 12 years
— Made homemade cookies:
— Gone skinny dipping: Not in the past 11 years
— Dyed your hair:
— Stolen Anything: When I was a little kid, I stole an Archie comic, felt guilty and brought it back.
— Played a game that required removal of clothing: If I did I don’t recall – doubt it
— If so, was it mixed company: refer to above.
— Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: YES. Once and never again
— Been caught “doing something”: if you mean “having sex”– yes.
— Been called a tease: Yeah by some drunk when I was bartending.
— Gotten beaten up: No but some chicks wanted to beat me up as a kid and my sister took care of it.
— Shoplifted: Nope, Wait..nope!
— Changed who you were to fit in: I don’t think I ever did this intentionally (perhaps as a child).
— Age you hope to be married: I was 31.
— Numbers and Names of Children: 5 year old (son) 3 year old (girl)
— Describe your Dream Wedding: It was a back yard barbecue, at my grandparents house, at the church where my mom is buried. I didn’t get it though I gave my mother-in-law the wedding she wanted
— How do you want to die: Well seeing as though I don’t have a choice I just hope it is peaceful
— Where you want to go to college: I went to Staten Island Community College and Bloomfied College.
— What do you want to be when you grow up: When I was a child I wanted to be a jockey, a vet, a doctor, a nurse now I just want to be a good, decent person
— What country would you most like to visit: I would like to travel the good ole USA. Thank you very much! I am keeping my dollars here!
— Number of drugs taken illegally: A Big fat Zero.
— Number of people I could trust with my life: Perhaps 3.
— Number of CDs that I own: I used to know this. I would guess about 1,200
— Number of piercings: 2 that I use now
— Number of tattoos: None.
— Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: I don’t think it has. Oh wait…two times..when I was …6 our dog had 12 puppies the paper came over. When I was 12 and my mom passed, the obit had our name.
— Number of scars on my body: Too many to count. The one I am most proud of. The entry to the world for my babies
— Number of things in my past that I regret: I try to never regret anything but I could probably count 3 things that I would like to forget

Product Review Prima Princessa - My Little Ballerina


I was very fortunate to have been able to review, a wonderfully crafted DVD by two amazing moms from my old home state, New Jersey.
This DVD is just what this mom ordered. I took ballet as a child and have been recently trying to plant the dance bug in my 3 year old daughter’s ear. You can only give her so many tutu’s and princess things while asking “do you want to take ballet this year?”
Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake features a cartoon ballerina who narrates Swan Lake for us. Swan Lake, being performed by the Paris Opera Ballet is beautifully done. In between acts, we are treated to various ballet steps all set to a montage of toys, animals, children and young dancers for the viewer to learn. My daughter particularly loved the segments of little girls running around and laughing in their tutus. This 40 minute DVD has enough to keep the preschool age child all the way up to Grandma’s age interested.
I organized a play date with my girlfriend so that my 3 year old could watch it with a friend (a 9 year old dancer student). The plan was to have the girls watch the movie while we continued our own play date over at the dining room table with coffee and our laptops. We started the tape and were completely sucked in. So much so that we took our respective places next to our daughters and watched the whole movie with them.

While the movie was playing I heard my girlfriend’s daughter tell her mom that she wants to stay in ballet (she had been thinking of dropping it because she doesn’t love her teacher). BTW…I really wish someone had been able to take a picture of the 4 of us lying on the floor, taking up the whole little room, mesmerized by the movie.
I love how the girls watched the movie, laying down listening to every part of it. I had originally thought that they would be dancing the whole time. Afterwards, they put on tutu’s and danced around the room, hallway, kitchen and dining room.
This is a great way to introduce dance to your little one or to reinforce someone’s love for dance.

GIVEAWAY - 40 K-Cups Of Slice Grass Hopper Pie - Ends 1/29

Who doesn't love Grasshopper Pie?! OMG It is so good. I am going to get the ingredients for my aunt's pie this weekend so I can make some to go with my coffee. If you have never had Grasshopper Pie you are missing out. It has a cookie crumble crust usually with a minty mousse like filling and chocolate shavings on top.

My Aunt use to make it every Thanksgiving because I loved the smell of crème de menthe. 

The box arrived 3 days ago and I have already gone through 7 cups of Slice Grasshopper Pie Coffee. It smells amazing. The taste is smooth and I would consider it a light coffee good which would be good for any time of day. Personally I prefer my flavored coffee to be the last one of the day because I feel like I am having a treat and won't need a dessert after dinner but have enjoyed this in the morning as well. 

My husband who isn't a fan of flavored coffee enjoys it as well saying he thinks it smells like something he remembers as a child. When I asked him if he ever had Grasshopper Pie he told me no which is one of the reasons I really want to make it this weekend. 

Slice uses high quality Arabica beans that are slow roasted in small batches for delicious non-bitter coffee. 

I cannot wait to try some of the other flavors by Slice inspired by my favorite desserts. 

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Dialogues with Goddess – What do you want to be when you grow up Part 1


Dialogues with Goddess – What do you want to be when you grow up Part 1

Yesterday while driving to my son’s class trip I lowered the radio and shouted over the open windows that my children have decided are mandatory while we drive in 50 degree weather, “Goddess, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Goddess with out missing a beat replied, “ah, a teacher.”
I was thrilled that she understood the question. Hello she is 2.5 years old this month. How does she know what I am asking? 
I can’t wait to see how her professional changes over the years.  
My little baby wants to be a teacher. I love it!

First Book Of The Year: True To Your Selfie By Megan McCafferty #meganmccafferty

The most hilarious, charming, realistic story of middle-grade friendships you'll ever read, from Megan McCafferty, the mega bestselling, beloved author of Sloppy Firsts.
Twelve-year-old Ella has everything she needs to take seventh grade by storm, from the perfect outfit to the perfect new best friend. She's still not 100% sure why cool, confident Morgan has chosen Ella to be her newest sidekick, but Ella is flattered by the attention, even if it means giving up some of the things she's always loved, like fantasy novels . . . and her former best friend, Sophie. Ella feels a little guilty about ditching Sophie, but middle school is no laughing matter, and Ella knows that it'll be safer in popular Morgan's shadow than by Sophie's side.

But life as Morgan's best friend is trickier than Ella imagined. Everything has to be perfect, from their "on brand" selfies to the videos they record of them singing. And the more demanding Morgan becomes, the more Ella starts to wonder if she made the right choice. But Sophie already has a new best friend, leaving Ella feeling more alone and out of place than ever.

So when Ella discovers a new activity that she's really good at -- a hopelessly dorky sport that Morgan has forbidden her from pursuing, Ella has to ask herself what matters more: popularity . . . or staying true to herself? But does she even know who she really is without loyal Sophie by her side?

The 411:

A quick read featuring middle schoolers in a world of social media. Twelve year old students Ella and Morgan are Influencers on a fictional Instagram type platform called Fotobooth account. Morgan is running the show as the rich girl who even has a personal chauffeur and an obvious credit card thanks to Daddy. Ella is the grounded, talented buffoon being raised by a single mom who is losing herself as the passenger on the road to famous. 

I love the very real dialogue and quick paced story. Many readers will be able to see themselves in one of the many characters in this book. Whether looking from the outside as your "old" best friend moves forward without you or as someone trying to be "famous" and have as many likes as possible on your socials. 

This is honestly a great book for kids to read to see just how "fake" some of the Influencers they follow are. How everything is very calculated and staged in the "perfect" photos and lives they admire really are. 

I highly recommend!

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I Never Left By McGarvey Black Was By Far My Favorite Book of 2019

An outstanding psychological thriller based on true events...

My name is Quinn Roberts and I was murdered.

Quinn Roberts is dead and she wants to know how it happened. She’s angry, confused and disappointed that her life is over. Most of her friends have moved on and it seems like no one cares who was responsible. Her adult children are in shock but their mother’s death is too painful, so they do nothing.
Soon after her murder, Quinn’s husband, Alec, acquires a new wife and Quinn becomes a distant memory. Only her sister, Erin, and Detective John McQuillan continue to search for answers.
But as the case stalls, the formal investigation is moved to the Cold Case division and Quinn’s family loses hope that there will ever be an arrest.
The 411:
OMG this book was incredible. McGarvey Black's debut novel was the perfect read. At 317 pages and 103 chapters this book was probably my favorite of the year.

The author does a wonderful job of sharing the perspectives of everyone involved in the murder of Quinn. Her family, friends, estranged husband, detectives and even Quinn. I loved the chapters featuring Quinn the most. It felt very Lovely Bones like. Quinn being an outside observer and filling in some of the details of her life creates a fast paced, thrilling mystery. While we all know who did it. Come on you know that in most cases it is the estranged spouse but the ending tied it all together making me want to re-read and see where I missed the clues. 

Definitely an author I will keep my eyes on.

For more on this author visit

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Billie Eilish Set To Do Theme Song For The Newest James Bond And We Are Beyond Excited #NoTimeToDie #BillieEllish

As a parent you hope and pray that your kids get into your kind of music. I was one of the lucky ones. My daughter loves all my Alternative and Rock favorites. When she started asking for Linkin' Park, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Chili Peppers, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Imagine Dragons I was so excited.  Eventually she played something on her own that made me ask "who is that?" She shared some Billie songs with me and I think I got even more obsessed with her and her brother Finneas' than she was.

We played Billie all day and all night. We watched a million interviews over the past two years and every music video we could find. You can come into this house anytime and Billie will be playing. We knew every sound, every word to every song and today when Billie shared a bunch of Bond Girl photos on her Instagram I knew something big was up.

While my daughter has no idea who James Bond is or the Bond Girls we are both super excited that she will be the youngest artist ever to record a theme song for a Bond Movie.

No Time To Die starring Daniel Craig is due out April 2nd and I have never been happier to see what the theme song will be.

If you are not into Billie I think you should check out Lovely, Everything I Wanted, I Love You then move from there. There isn't a single one I don't like well honestly I usually skip Ocean Eyes which was the one that put her on the young people's radar. Not a favorite as it doesn't have the depth in most of her other songs. She is the bomb and I am proud as if I birthed her myself.

5 Tips to Save Money this January

After the festive season is over, the January blues kick in. Everyone makes their new year’s resolutions; most have probably been broken already! You try to eat better and get more exercise in your daily routine, but one of the main things everyone tries to do in January is save money. After spending a lot over the holidays on gifts, food and socializing, its time to give your bank card a break. Here are 5 tips on how to save this month.

1. Plan your meals 

This is equally useful if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, too. By taking the time to plan you and your family’s meals for the week, its easier to keep track of calories. It also means that when you’re going to buy your groceries you won’t wander the aisles picking up items that you don’t need and will add to your total spend. Here are some family friendly recipes that are healthy for all of you. 

2. Turn it off

Make sure you’re not wasting energy in your home. It’s easy to leave your TV set on stand-by rather than getting up and turning it off at the mains. When you leave a room that you’re not going back into, do you leave the light on? Sometimes, of course, you have to leave things running, but by making sure you’re turning off lights, electronic devices and not leaving your radiators on all day could save you quite a few dollars.

3. Price Check

Don’t pick up and buy the first thing you find when you’re looking for products. Different brands of the same thing will have different prices, and it’s important to make sure you’re not paying through the nose for an item you could get for half the price elsewhere. Start at bargain stores, where these cheaper brands are on offer, and you might even find the brand you like at a discounted price. Look online too, sites like this discount online chemist,, have brilliant deals on every day products. 

4. Take advantage of sales

It can be an intimidating task to search through masses of clothes, toys or cheap holiday decorations that stores are trying to shift, but if you think forward to next year, you could save yourself some money then, too. If you’re not too much of a fashionista, wearing a sweater next winter that is stylistically a year old shouldn’t be a problem for you and it will still keep you warm for the next month or so as well. 

5. Limit your social calendar

This doesn’t mean you have to become a total shut-in, but saying no to certain social affairs could help you save this month. During the holiday season there’s always work Christmas parties, dinners with friends and family members, not to mention big New Year’s Eve celebrations to cap it all off. In January spend some quality time with your family at home, and instead of meeting your friend for that drink at the local bar or dinner at a restaurant, invite them over to your place to catch up. 

Following even just a few of these tips should help your bank balance recover after a month of over-spending, and now it’s time to look forward to that summer holiday you’ve been thinking about! 

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