Wednesday, September 09, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Happy!

This week's ABC Wednesday was so easy because H stands for Happy, period!!!

My daughter was ecstatic when I picked her up on her first day of Preschool. The sticker, well, because she is so fantastic. Her teacher however had placed it in a very boring place. Her hand! Now, her forehead makes much more sense. She walked around like this for about 2 hours. Fun, fun!

I also have Hiding!

What could be in here??
Why, it's a child!!! That's what it is!
I also have a Hummingbird that got stuck in my gazebo for about 6 hours. This happened last year too.

Sucky picture but here it is.


  1. Love the picture of the hummingbird. I always take pictures of birds when I get the chance. I lived in the city for most of my life and all we have there are dirty pigeons, so when I see a bird up here I try to take a picture, they are so pretty.

  2. It does make much more sense on her forehead. 1. she is very smart and 2. she wouldn't be herself if she didn't do something like that. Anyone who knows her knows that she is very funny and if I may add extremely cute.

  3. Darling kiddo! The hummingbird doesn't appear to be too upset...Nice post!

  4. Lauri,

    The bird was so cute. His/Her mate waited outside the gazebo for like 2 hours. It only got out after Teach opened the Gazebo wider.

    She is cute and she makes me laugh. Thanks for noticing.

    Tumblewords, The bird was quite calm. No one bothered it. I took pictures through the sliders and we left it alone. Sweet little birds.

  5. I've never seen a smile any wider than that one! Bless her, she does look happy!

    Love the hummingbird pic. I've had birds trapped in our conservatory, but I've always been too busy catching them to take a picture - we have a lot of spiky plants and I'm always afraid they're going to impale themselves with all the flapping they do at the windows. In your situation, I'd stop and take a pic first!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week. :)

  6. Your daughter's face made me smile!

  7. Nice pics again. The hummingbird one is a nice shot. Also, in the "hiding" one of your daughter, she really does favor you. She is growing up so fast.

  8. Great pictures... I LOVE Goddess' smiles! She always looks fabulous, and of course she should have had the sticker on her head - everbody knows that.
    I think the bird picture is terrific, I can never catch them, they flap their wings so fast.
    The hiding picture is just too cute. I love that fact that she has her Scooby in there with her!


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