Friday, November 30, 2018

5 Tips To Marketing Yourself To Gather More Online Shoppers

For many online business owners, it is a challenge to get more online shoppers, especially with the 
high rate of competition in the online industry. But, this does not mean that you cannot increase the 
number of online shoppers and make sales. The online industry is growing fast and as an 
entrepreneur, you need to develop better ways to get more customers.
Although you can include high-quality photos, videos, and product descriptions to boost your business,
sometimes this is not enough. You need to stand out among your competitors. Here are five tips to 
marketing yourself to gather more online shoppers.

Add social proof with reviews

Many customers understand the level of untrustworthiness in the online market. Due to this most
are cautious about who they buy from and the products they buy. Most shoppers need social proof 
from previous customers. Reviews are a great way to get more shoppers, especially if you have
 many positive reviews.
Always ensure that you have good ratings and reviews from your happy customers. When you 
receive unbiased facts and opinions from previous customers, new customers use this information 
to make their decision. Get credible reviews from the top10bestpro website.

Promote through blogging

Promotion through blogs is a great option since the content can also be posted and shared on 
social media and drive traffic through search engines. This enables them to build trust in your brand. 
It is also a cost-effective strategy for reaching a huge number of online shoppers. Create an enticing
 blog where shoppers can visit and get a glimpse of your content. With the right information on your 
blog, you can keep your shoppers engaged and build your sales.

Utilize Google analytics

Even with your store up and running, a list of great products, and incoming orders, you should find
 other ways to promote your business. Google analytics provides an easier way to analyze your sales
 data and draw conclusions by showing you your best selling products and most visited pages 
within the last 6 months. With clear information about what shoppers want, you can easily plan 
the next steps that will boost your business.

Add product videos

Apart from information, you can spice up your data with visual online tools. Create attractive videos
 that explain more about your product or services through a video. But, not any video will do. Always 
make sure the video is clear and well made, especially the first 20 seconds to keep your customers 
interested to keep on watching. Outline the benefits of the product or service in the very beginning of
 the video.

Use tools

There are different tools that you can use to market yourself and get online shoppers to shop more
 from your shop. Tools such as email marketing are essential in ensuring that the shoppers you are
 targeting know more about your products. They can also be used to carry out promotions that meet 
the specific needs of your target customers.
Through email marketing, you can engage your shoppers by offering them discounts that serve their
 wants. This is quite beneficial since you can target first-time buyers and if they love your products,
 you will be gradually creating a list of loyal shoppers.  
Combine different tactics to increase your chances of gathering more online shoppers.

What to Get the Man Who Has Everything this Holiday Season

The Fishing Caddy makes a perfect gift for the man who likes to get outdoors

OLATHE, Kansas – (November 29, 2018) – According to the Pew Research Center, 80 percent of people engage in online shopping today, and this holiday season that trend will continue. People love the convenience of online shopping, but there is a downside, too. Narrowing down the right gift, especially for the man who has everything, can be a daunting task. Type “gifts for men” into Google and you get over 1 billion results to choose from. The Fishing Caddy helps make the decision simple, affordable, and ensures that the person receiving the gift is going to love (and use) what they get.

“Everyone wants to find a great and functional gift for the man on their gift-buying list,” explains Joe Pippins, creator and founder of The Fishing Caddy. “With the Fishing Caddy there is simply no reason to look further. It’s been designed to be something that pleases nearly all men, and a lot of women and families, too.”

The Fishing Caddy is a popular gift this holiday season because of the simplicity, functionality, and the fact that people love it so much. It has been designed to make their time spent fishing more enjoyable and easier. The device is an all-in-one organization system that those who fish take with them anywhere. In fact, it’s been dubbed the “Swiss Army knife of fishing tools,” by the Outdoor Foundation. 

There are numerous reasons why The Fishing Caddy makes a perfect gift this holiday, including:

  • It’s all made in America and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.
  • It offers complete organizations for anglers. Everything they need is at their fingertips. The Fishing Caddy features a built-in cup holder, two rod holders, LED lights, a live well for fish that are caught, and more. It puts all the tackle in one easy-to-carry device. Plus, it won’t tip over due to water weight. 
  • The device has been designed to help people detect bites faster. The rods are kept closer by, which makes it easier to detect even the slightest movements.
  • The Fishing Caddy gives someone a gift of enjoyable outdoor time. They will have more time being organized while they do what they love. It helps to take the stress out of fishing, making it easier to carry everything they need.
  • It’s an affordable gift that won’t sit in the back of a closet. Not only will people want to use it all year long, but prices for them start at only $69.95 and range to $129. 

“Anyone who loves to fish will love The Fishing Caddy,” added Pippins. “They can grab their caddy and head out for some peace and quiet as they drop their line in the water. It’s the gift that will give to them all year long.”

The Fishing Caddy is a device that can be used all year long, including for ice fishing, bank fishing, and kayak and boat fishing. It’s suitable for adults and children, as well as makes for a great family gift. The caddy is an all-in-one fishing system.

The Fishing Caddy was successfully launched in 2017 after Pippens, who grew up poor and was once homeless, developed the idea. He was able to raise $15,000 in seed money through a Kickstarter campaign, and then won the product competition on the Steve Harvey “FUNDERDOME” show, where he was awarded a prize of $20,000 seed money. 

Billed as the world’s first all-in-one fishing system, it has been designed to help make fishing more enjoyable and give people more time to fish, rather than track down and organize their tackle and supplies. The Fishing Caddy is available online at Amazon, at select Scheels locations, Etsy, and at the company website:

About The Fishing Caddy
The Fishing Caddy is the world’s first all-in-one fishing system. Created by Joe Pippins, the caddy offers anglers an easy and simplified way to head out fishing. Features on the caddy include two rod holders, a cup holder, live well for storing fish, tackle box, and a padded seat option. The Fishing Caddy is made in the USA and comes with a two-year warranty. For more information, visit the site at:

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I am truly loving this idea. I live near a lake and while my husband doesn't fish I know a ton of friends who do. This is a wonderful gift!

Give the Gift of Money Without Spending Any This Holiday

This is a great idea for the person that has everything! Here is a financial gift guide from that would even bring cheer to Scrooge since many cost nothing but can earn money! The good news is that there are plenty of options outside the expected cash or gift card. So if you’re looking for a twist - you’re in the right place! I love the idea of starting an investment that my nieces and nephew can continue as they get older. How many toys, clothes, gift cards does a kid need?
  1. Bonds - Savings bonds are a great way to make a gift that serves as an investment for the recipient’s future. They can also help teach younger recipients about saving and investing - they can watch the bond’s value grow over time.
  2. Stocks - Buying stocks for someone is a great way to give them a gift that will grow into the future. If you already own the stocks you want to gift, you can retitle the shares in your brokerage account.
  3. Dividend reinvestment - You can set up a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP) in the recipient’s name. With a DRIP, you make a one-time purchase of stock. Each time the stock issues dividends, those dividends are used to purchase more stock.
  4. Gifting stocks - Another great way to give stock is using services like GiveAShare or Stockpile. GiveAShare lets you buy a single stock in a huge variety of companies. They’ll print a replica stock certificate that you can give to the recipient. Stockpile lets you buy fractional shares of companies so you can give an exact dollar amount gift.
  5. Loyalty Program Rewards - You can redeem points for a variety of things, such as cash, free travel, electronics, and other merchandise. The good news is many programs let you gift your points or miles to other people who have accounts in the program! Better yet, there’s no cost to you to make the gift.
  6. Set Up a Trust - Trusts are designed to make it easy to give future financial gifts to someone while providing some structure. Unlike cash that can be spent on anything, setting up a trust allows you to set restrictions, i.e. you can set up a trust that only pays out if the recipient spends the money on education. You can even set one up that matches a recipient’s contributions to a retirement account.
  7. Add Them to Your Will - Specify what the person will receive and talk to them about what you plan to put in your will. Make sure to consult a professional to make sure the document is in order and enforceable. serves as an independent resource to educate consumers on personal finance and help them make smarter banking and financial decisions.