Thursday, May 31, 2012

Letter B = Boys and Bowling

Jenny Matlock
We headed to the Orange Country Arboretum with the 2nd grade class and the boys were having a great time on this swing. Handsome never got on but I think it was because there was so much to do and there were tons of kids. If it were empty, he would have done it.

Goddess and her Daisy troop headed to the bowling alley for a little R&R after getting all their petals. It was a blast and the girls had a great time.

Tired of YA Vampire Books? Check out the VV Inn Series by C.J. Ellisson - 3 EBOOK GIVEAWAY


The main character Vivian owns a resort for the undead; her supernatural ability to project physical illusions has created the perfect vacation spot—a dark, isolated Alaskan hideaway where visitors can have their wildest fantasies come true. Her capacity for drama, manipulation and control are put to the test in the first three volumes of the series. In Vampire Vacation, she discovers a corpse in a locked guestroom minutes before the next arrivals. Always cool-headed, Rafe hides the body, convinced he and Vivian can find the culprit without disturbing their guests. But juggling the demands of their customers while tracking a killer isn't easy.


The second in the series, The Hunt, opens with seven vampires and seven werewolves preparing to hunt a supernatural criminal across the cold, vast grounds of the resort. Things quickly begin to spiral out of control as the prey exhibits a cunning, and deadly, instinct for survival. Third in the series, Big Game promises two fast-paced adventures, one involving the shooting of a werewolf at the Alaskan resort and another as we follow our loving couple through the challenges of tracking exactly who suspects Vivian’s most well-guarded secret.

In this much-anticipated third installment of the V V Inn series, our sexy couple journeys to Argentina, bringing half their seethe along for the ride. Vivian and Rafe venture into the Seat of Darkness, the Tribunal's base, to uncover who's plotting against them and why. From a cold, windy island off the southern Argentine coast, to the decadence of Buenos Aires, the group has plenty to keep their attention--seductive twins, deadly games, and a bunch of bloodsucking fiends who hate our much-loved, despotic innkeeper enough to see her dead. Asa and Jon remain in Alaska, to manage the famous inn as it opens doors to a new type of guest. Visiting werewolves go on their first exploration of the property, looking for big game--hormones run high and shots ring out across the tundra. Soon, the hunters become the hunted and the peaceful getaway resembles a battleground. How many will survive the next five days and will they ever be the same again?

Warning: These books contain very explicit sex scenes and is not intended for readers under 18. 

About the Author:

Since February 2009, when C.J. Ellisson first tried her hand at writing, she has written and published two full-length contemporary fantasy novels in her award-winning, bestselling V V Inn series, as well as two erotica novellas. She has also started a small press, Red Hot Publishing, which now publishes fifteen authors, founded an adult content blog, Everything Erotic, which has over seven hundred paid subscribers on Kindle and over two thousand followers on Facebook, and founded Red Hot Readers on Facebook to match small authors up with interested readers. It now has almost three thousand members.

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“Are We Really Treating Unborn Babies For Obesity?”

Obesity is Now a Problem for Unborn Babies
Obesity isn’t just an American problem; in Britain, doctors have begun administering the diabetes drug metformin to the unborn babies of morbidly obese mothers-to-be to reduce the fetuses’ weight.

The reason: dangerously overweight pregnant women create excessive amounts of insulin, which results in “sumo babies” weighing 11 pounds or more. These extra-large newborns have twice the chance of becoming obese adults, and their numbers have risen by 50 percent in the past four years. Obese pregnant women are at a higher risk of dying while pregnant, and their babies are more likely to be stillborn.

“I don’t know how many more signs we need in Western society before we really get serious about our health,” says Gordon Filepas, author of Lean And Healthy To 100 (, a guide for achieving optimal health based on studying cultures where long lives are the norm.

“Are we really treating unborn babies for obesity?”

In his research, Filepas found many common practices and characteristics in especially healthy cultures. They include:

• Calories: It’s not necessary to count calories; people in healthy cultures don’t! Once you give your body what it needs, you’ll naturally consume fewer calories. This puts significantly less stress on the digestive system and reduces the potential of ingesting toxins.

• Heavy on nutrients: Human beings evolved as hunters and gatherers who took every opportunity for caloric intake. In the process, a wide spectrum of nutrients became the norm, and that is what bodies still crave today.

• Focus on whole and unprocessed foods, fats, and oils: Examples include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and grains. Meat, which is usually the main dish in Western culture, is often treated as a side dish in the cultures Filepas studied.

• Limited toxins: This includes few, if any, pollutants from processed food, water and other beverages, medicine and air.

• A sense of purpose: Individuals from these cultures feel like they are making a difference beyond earning money, and tend to work long days, six days a week.

• Innate exercise: Virtually no additional form of exercise is needed beyond their daily activity.

• Alcohol: Every culture has alcohol. Healthy populations drink regularly, but in moderation. And, they take a greater sense of responsibility for their health.

• Traditional cooking methods: This means low-tech methods, absent of microwaves.
Finding a lifestyle that naturally promotes excellent health became an obsession for Filepas after the deaths of his father and brother in a three-month time span. He wanted to ensure he and his wife and three sons would be together for years to come.

“I tell my friends, family and anyone who will listen: Whatever you hear about health in America, do the exact opposite and you’ll be much healthier than the average American,” he says. “Americans are bombarded with confusion and misinformation about health; it’s a life-or-death situation.”

About Gordon Filepas
Gordon Filepas spent 20 years researching Lean And HealthyTo 100, interviewing physicians, attending seminars, and reading medical journals and other health-related literature. He is the founder of TGM Partners, a consulting and investment firm. Filepas says he was motivated to learn more about the requirements for optimal health following the deaths of his father and brother within three months of each other. He hopes to ensure the good health of his family, including his wife of 25 years and three sons.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winner Announcements, Did you win? May 30, 2012

The Winner of the 70s Show DVD Season 3 is:
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The Winner of the 70s Show DVD Season 4 is:
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The Winner of the Scunci Hot Streaks is:
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The Winner of Chicken Soup for The Soul the Magic of Mother's & Daughters is:
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The Winner of the Mariah Carey Giveaway is:
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The Winner of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Cargivers Book is:
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Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who entered. Emails were sent out, if you didn't get one asking for information, please contact me directly.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Monsuno Episode Tonight

Tonight, May 29th at 8:30p.m. ET, tune in for a brand new episode of “Monsuno.” Don’t miss all the action as Chase, Bren, and Jinja continue on their journey with the premiere of two additional new episodes on Wednesday, May 30th and Thursday May 31st at 8:30p.m. ET! You won’t want to miss all the action as Chase, Bren, and Jinja continue to fight off their enemies in unknown territory.

To learn more visit

About “Monsuno
Millions of years ago, “Monsuno,” a living DNA, hitched a ride to Earth in a concentrated asteroid pocket. When it landed on Earth, the impact drove the dinosaurs into extinction. The “Monsuno” DNA lay dormant until a scientist named Jeredy Suno activated it, sending a rippling wave of movement back into action. By doing so, Jeredy may have reignited the end of the world but he also created its salvation, the “Monsuno” monsters. Now, it’s up to his son Chase to learn the secrets of “Monsuno” and help save the world from impending destruction.

I Suck At Girls by Sh*t My Dad Says Author Justin Halpern


Book Description:
I Suck at Girls is a laugh-out-loud funny and deeply touching collection of personal stories about relationships with the opposite sex, from a first kiss to getting engaged and all the awkward moments in between. With Sh*t My Dad Says, Halpern brought his brand of talented comedic writing to the world. Now, with this equally hilarious and provocative memoir, he establishes himself as one of popular writing’s great humorists among the likes of David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, and David Rakoff. Fans of biting, honor-infused memoirs such as Me Talk Pretty One Day and Assassination Vacation will find Halpern’s I Suck at Girls an unforgettable journey into the best and worst moments of one man’s adventures in romance.

The 411 by Maria:

Let me start with of my favorite book reviews of the year so far. WOW! I literally cannot stop rereading it to myself and anyone who will listen. Tonight I am going to down and highlight my favorite "dad" quotes. Pee your pants funny.

Hysterical read! I am not sure how "dad's" (Sam's) wife can be so normal. She must have literally needed Depends to live with this character. Humor is so attractive to me which means I find Sam super sexy!

Some of my favorites:

Justin draws a picture in class of a girl he is "sweet on". The girl gets upset, Justin's parents are called in and handed the picture Justin drew. It is of a girl, the girl wearing a shirt with her name on it. Above her head is a yellow dog who is showering brown clumps from his butt on her head. She has a thought bubble that reads, "I like it." Now, I know what you are saying. What does this mean? Why did Justin think this would make her like him back? Why the thought bubble or whatever else is going through  your mind. Nope, not Justin's dad...he wants to know:

Why is the dog above her head? That doesn't even make sense. How'd he get above her head? You have to draw a hill or something under the dog. A dog can't just float in up in the atmosphere and take a shit on someone's head. I mean, I know you are six or seven or whatever, but that's pretty basic physics right there.

And...that is just page 17 of the gets better.

Feel like laughing, get this book. Great father's day, and grand father's day gift idea too!

If you are around check out Justin's event calendar and if he happens to be where you are, head over and tell him Maria from Maria's Space loves his book, his dad and his sense of humor.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy to faciliate this review.

The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant

Photobucket all know I am NOT looking to get pregnant but being pregnant was an amazing experience for me and I love sharing stories with my friends about my pregnancy, births and parenting. Anytime I can read something about pregnancy and the amazing wonders of it, I am in. I still watch all those real birth stories on TV. Love how amazing the body is. Sometimes getting knocked up, pregnant, bun on the oven, or whatever you want to call it isn't quick and easy which is why this book is so great. There are so many books about getting pregnant, how to, and whatnot but not a whole lot out there for those who have been trying without luck. Is it the luck of the draw (pun intended)?

Author Jean Twenge is here to help and I had a moment to talk with her using some questions from my "patient and impatient friends.

Q&A with Jean Twenge, Ph.D., author of
(Free Press; April 17, 2012)

How long should you try on your own before heading to the doctor?

If you've been having ovulation-focused sex, I'd say 6 months. The standard advice is to wait a year if you're under 35, but that's a really long time and the average woman under 35 who's having ovulation-focused sex is pregnant within three months. If you’ve been trying for more than three months, don’t panic. Maybe you just haven't had your lucky cycle yet – it's a roll of the dice. If you just can't wait – and believe me, I'm with you – you can always consider making an appointment with your gynecologist in advance, to coincide with the month you will have been trying for six months.

With that said: If you can talk your partner into it, get a semen analysis right away. Up to half of fertility problems are caused by sperm issues (the technical term is "male factor," which sounds like a really bad men's cologne). Because men always have it easier, tests for sperm issues are quick and inexpensive – usually under $100 at a doctor's office (there are home kits too, but they are less accurate). What if he doesn't like the idea of getting his sperm tested? Remind him that spending 20 minutes buffing the banana with some soft porn is not so bad – after all, he voluntarily did this about 3 times a day when he was 14.

What foods do you think increase fertility? Which should you stay away from?

Studies find that vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, olive oil, and plant protein (like beans) increase fertility or at least make ovulation problems less likely. There's no research on some of the other rumored foods (like pineapple core). What you should avoid: Trans fat, also known as partially hydrogenated oils (I like to call them "partially hydrogenated evil.") Fortunately, trans fat’s long crime spree through the American diet has mostly been halted; the foods that used to contain trans fat have mostly been modified to banish the substance. Most evil oils are safely in bad food jail. But not all. I’ll save you some time scrutinizing food labels to tell you the one food that still employs significant amounts of felon trans fats: frosting. That's really sad, because I think frosting is the best food on the planet. The label on tubs of cake frosting – which I read while I eat it straight out of the can with a spoon – reveals several grams of trans fat. If you’re trying to get pregnant, or will in the next three months, frosting moderation is probably in order. 

Is it true what they say about positions for conceiving boys or girls?

There is no research to suggest that certain positions are more likely to produce a boy or a girl. The idea behind all of these rumors is that boy sperm swim faster than girl sperm. If that made a difference during natural conception there would be more boys conceived from sex close to ovulation. Instead, most studies find the opposite, with more GIRLS from sex close to ovulation (other studies find no difference or only a small one). So boy sperm might swim faster, but that doesn't actually produce the results one might expect. That also suggests position won't make much of a difference. The Impatient Woman's Guide has a whole chapter on the research on what does make a difference in gender swaying.

Is there a better chance of getting pregnant the more sex you have?

Yes, although the difference between sex every day and sex every other day is very small. And, contrary to popular belief, sex every day doesn't lower sperm count (though you might not want to share this bit of information with your husband). 

How long should you get off the pill before trying to get pregnant?

A good rule of thumb: Three months if you've been on it for less than a year; six months if you've been on it for more than a year. It takes time for your cervical mucus to come back and your lining to thicken up again. Don't worry if you happen to get pregnant before then -- there's no evidence that being on the pill recently will do any harm to you or the baby. It's just harder to get pregnant the first few months off the pill.

Is it true that there are only a few days of the month you can get pregnant?

Yes! A study of 119,398 charts showed that 94% of pregnancies occurred from sex on the three days around ovulation (the two days before and the day of). Studies from medical journals have found a "fertile window" from 5 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation, but only some of those days are very fertile -- in most studies, that's the two days before ovulation. So yes, that means the day of ovulation is NOT the most fertile! (Here is a great study that explains why -- look at Figure 1). In The Impatient Woman's Guide, I give precise instructions for how to find your two most fertile days from charting, OPKs, or the fertility monitor.

Will taking prenatal vitamins increase your chance of pregnancy?

Yes. Several studies have found that women taking prenatal vitamins, especially folate and vitamin B6, are more likely to get pregnant quickly. Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) have also been linked to better embryos in IVF, and smarter babies overall. And prenatal vitamins definitely lower the risk of birth defects when taken before conception, so start taking them at least 2 to 3 months before you start trying to get pregnant -- and maybe longer. One nurse practitioner I know advises all women under 50 to take prenatals because the evidence for lowering birth defects is so strong.

 The 411 by Maria:

I loved this book. It is a great resource for everything you need to know or even some things you had no idea you wanted to know. 

Jean takes all the medical, technical information and spoons feds the reader so that we can understand how much of the pregnancy myths are true and false. Can we really get the boy or girl we want? Does position matter? The more sex the better? Umm....all questions that Jean Twenge will answer in this book!

Check out some excepts here.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was received.

My Kids Love Kidz Bop

Handsome and Goddess love music. Teach and I love that they love music and adore hearing them sing songs from the backseat of the car or on the deck in the summer. I remember being a kid and wanting everyone to hear me sing. It is so cute to hear them sing together and I know that it is short lived and they will eventually get self conscious so we listen without discussing. We love Kidz Bop for the kids. It is the songs they love sung by kids. The albums are composed of "kid-friendly" versions of the latest songs on Top 40 radio.

Some of the songs are some that they never heard. We really filter out a lot of stuff. They are extremely sheltered and I appreciate that I can let them experience the songs in a very kid friendly way.  The only one they complained about was Taylor Swift's You Belong with Me. They love Taylor and I found it hysterical how they didn't like it. They probably felt the same way I felt when I heard Adel's Set Fire to The Rain sung by Kidz Bop.

If your kids love music check out the latest!



KIDZ BOP 22 includes 16 chart-topping hits including:

  1. Stronger
  2. Call Me Maybe
  3. Starships
  4. Domino
  5. Payphone
  6. Wild Ones
  7. Glad You Came
  8.   Drive By
  9.   Part Of Me
  10.   What Makes You Beautiful
  11.   Dance Again
  12.   Boyfriend
  13.   Feel So Close
  14.   Somebody That I Used To Know
  15.   Tonight Is The Night
  16.   Set Fire To The Rain

Disclaimer: We received a box of Kidz Bop merchandise for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received.

Enjoy Summer With The Garfield Show! On DVD Today


It’s one adventure after another as Garfield and his pals look for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, try to save their favorite pizza place and morph into superheroes! Then hold on and get ready for one wild ride as they visit Cheese World, a cheese-lover’s theme park! But will Jon rain on the summer fun when he enrolls Garfield in an extreme education program to become a “normal” cat? Not if Garfield can help it!

The 411 by Goddess:
Well, I gave this to Goddess to review because she is our resident Garfield fan and has a nice little collection of Garfield DVDs courtesy of Vivendi Entertainment

"I LOVE Garfield and Odie he is sooooo cute.  What I love more than anything is the colors! They are so bright." 

Perfect Pizza - "I love pizza too. Garfield likes pizza even though it wasn't good. He ate it anyway because he eats everything. Garfield was picky for the first time because he likes real pizza made with love!"

Lucky Charm- "Garfield and Odie see a rainbow. I love rainbows. Odie wants to get to the end of the rainbow and finds the pot of gold but a leprechaun wants it back so he promises to give them good luck. Garfield's good luck doesn't seem like good luck when all his family moves in with him.  He is funny painting one of his friends black so that a black cat could walk in front of him to lose some bad luck."

Extreme Housebreaking - "I've seen this one before. It is funny because John thinks he can train Garfield to be a good cat. I feel bad when Garfield is put in a cage to be like Kittykins, he looks so sad.  Kittykins is really Garfield's friend George and when Garfield finds out he decides to show everyone how the training program doesn't work."

Mailman Blues - "Garfield is mean to mailman. They never want to bring the mail to his house.  Bothering mailmen is one of Garfield's favorite things. was funny when the Mailman went up in the air. My brother was laughing hard. We thought we were going to pee our pants. My favorite part was the little chihuahuas."

It's a Cheese World - "I love this one. The mice are so cute. They all talk funny and have funny voices. They want Garfield to take them to Cheese Land.  Kittykiins (George) is back and works at the park to keep all cats out.  He can't keep Garfield out."  Cheese Land gets eaten by the mice."

Super Me - "Garfield and his friend watch a super hero show about Ultra Powerful Guy.  Garfield won't share his snacks with his little cute friend. His cute friend is able to get pizza because he is so super cute. Garfield decides to be a super hero. It is funny that people just carry food in their cars to give the super cute cat. I can't remember super cute cat's name."

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy of the DVD to facilitate this review.

One of My Favorite Comedians on Blu-ray and DVD



Debuts on Blu-ray and DVD June 19th

Street Date:  June 19, 2012
Launch Highlights:

·      The critically acclaimed FX comedy LOUIE Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD with even more uncomfortable moments and hilarious antics on June 19th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  

·      Loosely based upon the life of Emmy® Award winning comedian Louis C.K., LOUIE” is about a 41-year-old divorced stand-up comedian trying to meet people, raise kids, and score with women.  

·      “LOUIE” Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD comes with exclusive bonus materials and features unforgettable episodes and hilarious performances from guest stars including Ricky Jervais (“The Office”) and Joan Rivers (“Fashion Police”).

About Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC (TCFHE) is a recognized global industry leader and a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a News Corporation company. Representing 75 years of innovative and award-winning filmmaking from Twentieth Century Fox, TCFHE is the worldwide marketing, sales and distribution company for all Fox film and television programming, acquisitions and original productions on DVD, Blu-ray Disc Digital Copy, Video On Demand and Digital Download. The company also releases all products globally for MGM Home Entertainment. Each year TCFHE introduces hundreds of new and newly enhanced products, which it services to retail outlets from mass merchants and warehouse clubs to specialty stores and e-commerce throughout the world.

# # #
 Follow Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Twitter @FoxHomeEnt

Vitamins For The Whole Family

Vitamins are something most of us take while pregnant, we give them to our kids in their first few years and eventually it all drops off even though we know how important they are.

I am thrilled to tell you about BrainStrong a vitamin I have been taking for the past week.

First off let me tell you what BrainStrong is and why you need it:

BrainStrong is an entirely new category of supplement. It’s a full line of brain health products that recognizes the brain has different needs at every stage of life. That’s why BrainStrong provides four natural, essential daily supplements with optimized DHA nourishment for pregnant women, toddlers, kids and adults. And all BrainStrong products are powered by life'sDHA. After all, no matter what your age, you want to live up to your potential

If you are pregnant, you have been hearing your fair share of DHA information. What is DHA?  DHA is an omega-3 with proven brain, eye and heart health benefits for all stages of life - from pregnant and nursing women to infants, children and adults [source]. Obviously our need for DHA never stops no matter what stage of life we are.

But even if we are aware of the importance of DHA to a child’s brain development, there exists a question of how best to get it. The fatty fish that are the most common source of DHA can contain mercury and PCB’s, which have been shown to have a negative effect on a child’s health and development, and most nuts and seeds contain ALA, which doesn't convert to DHA efficiently. These two concerns contribute to the fact that the majority of U.S. women fail to get enough DHA during their pregnancies. The National Institutes of Health and International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids recommend a daily intake of 300mg of DHA for women who are pregnant or lactating, and an article from the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School says that only 19% of pregnant women get even 200mg of DHA a day.

Fortunately, there is BrainStrong™ Prenatal, a complete prenatal multivitamin that has 350mg of DHA. It is powered by algae-sourced life’sDHA™, which means it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals and toxins found in many fish. BrainStrong Prenatal also has the highest level of folic acid and DHA available without prescription, making it the perfect way to give your little bump a big boost and help take extra measures to protect your baby's health.

I know...I is a lot of medical, biological stuff but it is important.

Let's sum it up like this: We need DHA for our brains development. We don't get enough of it from the foods we eat so we should all grab some BrainStrong. 

I have the adult versions now it is time to invest in the kids vitamins.

Find the vitamins at these stores , CVS, Target, or you can order online. 

The Adult Vitamins retail for $29.99 for 90 tablets and I just priced the prenatals which are only $19.99 for 30 DHA Gels and 30 Multivitamins. Not bad prices at all.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up - Easter Egg Hunts

We were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt this year. Mina is Finnish and really knows how to do a party. She is big on gatherings and has a huge heart who enjoys being a hostess.

Thankfully this was the perfect day for this hunt because the kids and I were in town for the Police Departments annual Easter Egg Hunt but had to leave just as it was starting.

Picture this....

We wait 40 minutes for it to start. The kids are finally at the start line with their baskets and friends waiting for the go ahead when I start getting severe stomach pains. After my situation with my digestive system last year, I start getting nervous. It came on suddenly and not at a slow progression either. I am in severe, pain and unsure if I can maintain consciousness. It hurts to even touch my stomach (like the last time). I am worried about passing out and start getting very hot. I am on the other side of the egg littered field with my camera poised on the children all waiting to run.

The kids are smiling, I start walking across the field and try to keep my breath even. I can't do it to them. Maybe I can wait it out. I walk back to the side of the field and feel like I am going to pass out. It is too noisy. I am too hot and my stomach is causing me debilitating pain. Will I pass out here in front of all these people? Will I throw up in front of all these people? Will I end up in an ambulance? All thoughts are spinning and I am barely able to stand.

I walk to the kids and swallow my heart. "Please come with me you guys. Mommy is really sick and we have to go. I am so, so sorry." Handsome takes my hand and says OK and Goddess starts to cry. My heart breaks and my stomach hurts. "I know honey, I am really sorry. I don't even know if I can make it to the car. Please don't cry. Please Honey! I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to".  We start walking to the car and I have to stop for a moment. The pain is terrible. I turn to Handsome and ask if he knows what to do if something happens. He says yes, he will call Daddy on the cell and get help.

Goddess is crying in the backseat and I am unsure if I can pull away. I just want to get the car out of the parking lot away from all my fellow townspeople. I don't want to get sick in front of all these people and kids.

We drive very slowly out of the parking lot with Goddess crying quietly and my severe pain.

I pull over two times and finally stay. I beg her to please stop and again tell her how sorry I am. Feeling ill I open the door and throw up something the size of a quarter. It is nothing but I am suddenly better and back to normal.

We sit for two more minutes while I gather my thoughts.  We drive home with Goddess still crying. My heart breaks for her. I can only imagine what that felt like for her. She is dressed up, Easter basket in hand at the front of the line. The eggs are right there and she has to leave. My poor baby. I couldn't wait to get home so I could hug her.

We pull into the driveway and Handsome gets out. He is fine. I ask Goddess to climb into the front seat with me. She does and I hold her. She cries and I play with her hair apologizing more. (I always over apologize). Teach comes out and takes her from me through the open car window. She cries on his shoulder as I explain it to him. He doesn't understand crying and tells her it is OK because we have another hunt to go to.

She is crying on the couch when I get inside. We hug and I ask her to what she wants to do until the next hunt. We play board games and laugh. She is OK. I knew she would be but it still hurt.

What was it? Who knows. It has only happened one time before (3 months ago). Going back to the Gastro DX next month (1st appointment I could get).

We finally make it to the second Easter Egg Hunt.

The kids have a blast. They ate, grabbed eggs, ate, watched Minna play piano while her daughter sang, jumped on a trampoline and played ball. They had a great time and my guilt eventually went away.

Ahhh...being a parent is hard and I know I am hard on myself but I can't help it. I want them to be happy.