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Add NatPat To Spring and Summer Must Haves

Spring is here and my family and my daytime class kids are suffering from allergies. Soooo I was very happy to receive a colorful envelope from NatPat Health and Wellness Patches. 

These cute "sticky" patches are not only helpful for your child but look adorable too! 

NatPat patches are easy to peel and stick on your clothes and are SAFE for kids. 

Allergy Relief Patches relieve allergy symptoms like stuffy noses and congestion. It will clear airways and reduce inflammatory responses from seasonal allergies. 

Itch Relief Patches are placed over the itchy "bite" area of nasty pests like mosquitos. 

Zen Stickers uses sweet orange essential oil to elevate mood, reduce tension and enhance clarity. 

Sensory Touch Stickers use a textured surface to provide tactile stimulation which will help regulate restlessness energy and enhance focus. Great for kids with anxiety, stress and sensory needs.

Mosquito Repellent Stickers have over 60 colorful, fun designs that last for 8 hours. For kids 0-2 place 1-2 stickers, 3-5 place 2-3 stickers and ages 6+ 2-4 stickers on your clothing near exposed skin. 

Focus Stickers help sharpen your mind for school, sports and life with the use of peppermint essential oils.

Breathe Easy Stickers are great for those who have clogged up noses. Before you turn to medicine stick on of these close to the top of your shirt and allow the natural blend of eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and essential oils work!

Sunny Patch tell you when it is time to reapply sunscreen. Place a patch on the skin, cover the patch and skin with your favorite sunscreen but when the patch turns purple it is time to reapply.

Sleep Promoting Stickers use a formula of specially crafted essential oils to bring on sleep. 

Over 1 MILLION MOMS have reviewed the product, they have thousands of reviews on Amazon and the company is ran by 3 dads! NATPAT is available in close to 10,000 major and independent retail doors as well as in various online platforms. Check out their Amazon store 


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

This Daylight Savings Time Is Killing Me: What Can We Do?


Four days in and I am still recovering from Daylight Savings Time and so is my class.

Every year, we set our clocks forward in the spring and back in the fall, resulting in an hour of lost or gained sleep. This practice, known as Daylight Savings Time (DST), has been around for over a century, but is it really necessary? And what impact does it have on our health and well-being?

The History of Daylight Savings Time

The Origin of DST

Clocks changingby Andrik Langfield (

The concept of DST was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, but it wasn't until World War I that it was implemented as a way to conserve energy. By adjusting the clocks, people could take advantage of the extra daylight in the evenings and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

After the war, DST was abandoned, but it was brought back during World War II for the same reasons. In 1966, the Uniform Time Act was passed in the United States, establishing DST as a nationwide practice.

The Current State of DST

Today, DST is observed in over 70 countries, with some exceptions such as China, Japan, and India. In the United States, DST begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

However, not all states in the US follow DST. Arizona and Hawaii do not observe DST, and there have been recent efforts to abolish it in other states as well.

The Impact of DST on Our Circadian Rhythm

What is the Circadian Rhythm?

Our circadian rhythm is our body's internal clock that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. It is influenced by external factors such as light and temperature, and it plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being.

Disrupting Our Internal Clock

Sleeping personby Artem Kovalev (

The time change caused by DST can disrupt our circadian rhythm, leading to sleep disturbances and other health issues. Our bodies are used to a certain schedule, and suddenly changing it can throw off our internal clock.

Studies have shown that the Monday after the spring time change, there is a 24% increase in heart attacks, likely due to the disruption of sleep patterns. Additionally, there is an increase in workplace injuries and car accidents in the days following the time change.

Children and DST

Children are particularly affected by DST, as their circadian rhythm is still developing. Studies have shown that children experience more sleep disturbances and behavioral issues after the time change, leading to difficulties in school and at home.

What Can We Do to Mitigate the Negative Effects of DST?

Adjusting Our Sleep Schedule

Sleeping womanby iam_os (

One way to mitigate the negative effects of DST is to gradually adjust our sleep schedule leading up to the time change. This can help our bodies adapt to the new time and minimize the disruption to our circadian rhythm.

Using Light Therapy

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, involves exposing ourselves to bright light at specific times to help regulate our circadian rhythm. This can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the darker winter months.

Pushing for Change

Clocks changingby Surja Sen Das Raj (

As mentioned earlier, there have been efforts to abolish DST in certain states. Advocates argue that the practice is outdated and no longer serves its original purpose of conserving energy. They also point to the negative effects on health and safety as reasons to end DST.

If you feel strongly about this issue, consider reaching out to your local representatives and pushing for change in your state.


Daylight Savings Time has been a controversial practice since its inception, and its effects on our health and well-being cannot be ignored. While it may seem like a small inconvenience, the time change can have a significant impact on our circadian rhythm and overall health.

By understanding the history of DST and its effects on our bodies, we can take steps to mitigate its negative impact and push for change in our communities. Let's work towards a future where our internal clocks are not disrupted twice a year, and we can all get a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Benefits of Unplugging: Why It's Okay to Be Bored

I am thankful that I grew up when I did. Having to find something to do because there were only 12 channels and they all were snowy, the TV went off at midnight. You literally could not find anything on the airwaves. NO joke. The flag came onto the screen and you would hear the National Anthem before the TV went black. There were no cellphones, tablets, computers, video games, etc. You rode your bike, met up with friends, sat on a swing, read a book, played outside, and sometimes you would just think. Thinking is just as important as anything else you can do for yourself. Conscious thinking where you literally focus on what is happening to your mind and body at that moment. You are breathing, listening, focusing on life around you not in a phone or tablet. 

Imagine spending time with yourself. In your own thoughts. I have done my best thinking as well as creating when I was bored. It is okay to be bored. It is okay to be quiet.

The new generation is missing out on moments of quiet because we are filling their every moment with something. Kids as well as adults do not know how to just be. We have forgotten how important it is for the mind to ne still. 

Over the past few years I have noticed how different preschoolers are. I work with ages 3-4.5 year olds and then during the before and after care 5+ as well. Children NEED constant fulfillment, they are not use to having their needs not met immediately. They don't know how to just play, build, create. 

Even as adults we have our face in our phones or tablets. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, games,  texting or whatever else we do on our phones. This past weekend I was waiting for my eyebrows to be done along with 9 other woman. All of us had our faces down. There were no human connections being made. I couldn't even tell you if I knew anyone in the room. I never looked up until it was my turn. At the doctor it's the same thing. We all patiently wait in the waiting room because we have something to keep our mind occupied. Zero connections with anyone. Why are we not connecting? In the past you could commiserate with another on the wait, make a friend in the waiting room, laugh and joke with a stranger. You really don't hear about that anymore. 

As humans we should be seeking these human connections. Why are we so okay being solitary all the time?  

I was at a family party a few weeks ago and the only child there who is about 3.5 was on her tablet the whole time. It allowed her parents I guess to be able to sit, eat and talk with family but this child is also family. She is not making connections with her extended family that she will not always see unless it is at a party. If she wasn't on her tablet family would have approached her, talked to her, engaged in ways people do. Make her laugh, give her a hug, make a connection! It's sad actually.

We as people need to make conscious efforts to stop, listen, be present. We are not teaching the future generation how to talk to others. How to make connections. It is so important to growth! 

Set up days to unplug.

  • Take the apps off your phone. If you make it harder to get to Facebook, Instagram, etc. You won't go on as often, every quiet moment you have. 
  • Call a friend. Do not text! Call. You are NOT connecting if you shoot a quick text. It is okay once in a while but we connect by listening, hearing, seeing.
  • Sit and listen to the world around you. Just be present. Give yourself time to be quiet with your own thoughts. You may even find yourself at peace more often that not. 

Saturday, March 09, 2024

Jon Bon Jovi's Son Makes His Debut In Rockbottom

Making his film debut, Jake Bongiovi, the son of the legendary musician and rock star Jon Bon Jovi, brings his own brand of charisma and musical genes to the screen in ROCKBOTTOM starring as the band's new frontman. As the son of one of rock's most legendary figures, Jake is poised to make his mark in the world of entertainment.

ROCKBOTTOM is from the mind of writer & director and former real-life 80’s rocker Todd Tucker, and the film is a rollicking family comedy that chronicles the hilarious misadventures of a failed 80’s hair metal band as they attempt to reunite in the present day for one last electrifying performance. Directed by Todd Tucker, who also stars as the band's drummer, this film promises to be a wild ride filled with nostalgia, laughter, and a killer rock soundtrack that will have audiences tapping their feet and banging their heads.

Alongside Tom Everett Scott, ROCKBOTTOM boasts a star-studded ensemble that includes:

 •   Mckaley Miller: Recognized from CW's "Hart of Dixie" and FOX's "Scream Queens."

•   Toshi Yanagi: As the guitarist for Jimmy Kimmel Live's house band, Toshi stars as ROCKBOTTOMS guitarist & adds authentic rock to the film's soundtrack.

•   Teala Dunn: Social media sensation with over 10 million followers, captivates viewers with her performance. See her Instagram HERE.

ROCKBOTTOM is set to hit Amazon Prime later this month, promising laughter, music, and entertainment for audiences worldwide.

What Your Teacher Wants You To Know

Passive or gentle parenting is setting children up for failure and it is an epidemic. 

As a preschool teacher I have seen the decline in children over the past nine years. They can no longer focus, there is no attention span. They DO NOT care if you, an adult is asking for their attention, they can't sit for a 10 minute circle time without talking, moving around, touching or talking to their friend, interrupting, disrupting or just making noises. 

9 years ago I could do kindergarten work with my toddler class who were 2-3 years old. Now with a class who are 3.5 - 4.5 years old they are incapable of sitting or playing at a center for more than 3 minutes. I believe this has to do with the onset of tablet kids and kids who are being raised by passive panrets. 

Kids who now watch shorts and then scroll to the next thing are bored easily. They have no respect for adults, their friends, things that aren't theirs, or anything else. They hit rather than use their words to voice their wishes and are very self-indulgent wanting only what they want. 

Many parents are explaining too much, offering choices then reneging when their child doesn't chose what was offered. Children want structure and boundaries and your boundaries have to reflect something that is a win for both of you. It has to be a boundary your child and you can live with. Don't offer a boundary that you yourself cannot live with. Like don't say "if you don't do this, we are not going to blah blah" if you will be going regardless. Give your child choices and stick with it. 

When you don't follow through with what you are saying you will, your child loses respect for you and themselves and will push the envelope even further next time. 

By not setting up boundaries and giving all the power to your child you don't show them that there are rules and expectations in life and they must be met or you will lose your job, relationship, fail school, etc. 

Children must be exposed to rules, boundaries and expectations at an early age or they will not understand. We all know the world is a big scary place at time. If you grow up in a world of no boundaries where you the child is in charge you flounder through life and grow to think that everything will bend at your whim but we all know that is not right. Life is hard. We have a world of anxious teens who are afraid of their own shadow. Parenting is NOT for the weak at heart. Sometimes it is loud and that is okay. You are not going to always be here and your child has to grow up and blend into society, be someone others want to be around. 

Teach with Love In Your Heart!

Easter Bloody Easter Is Hopping Along


LOS ANGELES, CA (March 7, 2024) – Director/producer Diane Foster’s WallyBird Productions is proud to announce the video-on-demand (VOD) release of “Easter Bloody Easter” (Gravitas Ventures) on March 26, 2024. The outrageous horror comedy feature film, which is Foster’s directorial debut, will stream in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She also stars and sings in the romp as a Texas housewife who fights a bloodthirsty Jackalope to save her husband and discover the creature’s true identity before her town is destroyed forever. Pre-orders are available now on iTunes/Apple TV..

Foster says, “I am excited for families and friends to add watching “Easter Bloody Easter” to their holiday traditions. As the first installment in the franchise, this film is a quirky murder mystery that brings to Easter what it has been missing—an unforgettable movie Monster and a chance to laugh, scream, and sing along, just like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The film was awarded the ReFrame Stamp, an initiative from Women in Film, The Sundance Institute and IMDB, recognizing the project as a gender balanced production.

Foster adds, “With over 95% of our ‘Easter Bloody Easter’ team as female-identifying, we are so honored to be recognized for gender parity and for fulfilling our mission and commitment to equality and inclusion.”

There are over 75 pieces of original music in “Easter Bloody Easter” and 10 full songs. Award-winning BMI Composer Mark Vogel worked tirelessly with Foster to create the beat and rhythm of the completely fictional Walburg, Texas. Each character of the film has its own melody, including the Jackalope and the Demon Bunnies with their own musical theme. WallyBird Productions will also be releasing five music videos from songs featured in the film.

The catchy soundtrack will be available on Spotify on March 20th and as a collector’s vinyl record. The soundtrack features sing-along favorites including the new sultry “Santa Baby” of Easter, “Honey Bunny,” sung by Foster, and “The Bunny Hop,” that will surely become a new favorite viral TikTok dance, reminiscent of large party dance-alongs.  

An exclusive World Premiere Screening will be held at the Landmark Nuart Theater in Los Angeles on March 21st.

About the Film

“Easter Bloody Easter” is the directorial debut of Diane Foster, who also stars, and it is the second feature for her WallyBird Productions. The ensemble cast features Diane Foster, Kelly Grant, Allison Lobel, Zuri Starks, D'Andre NoirĂ©, Zachary Kanner, Miles Cooper and Gavin Lee. The film is written by Allison Lobel, produced by Diane Foster, Allison Lobel, Kelly Grant, Mitch Olson, Liana Montemayor, Rafi Jacobs, and Will Amato. Cinematography is by Alexa Cha and film editing is by Nancy Foster. The iconic demon bunnies were created by Jesse Velez of Raptor House FX, who are known for creating the infamous “Hand” (from Netflix’s “Wednesday,” starring Jenna Ortega). The film's legendary Monster, the Jackalope, was created in Foster’s vision of a hilarious yet scary oversized Bunny Deer made by Alexandra Bayless (daughter of Emmy-winning makeup artist William Bayless), Ashley Stansbury, and Lydia Morales. The classic Sound Design for “Easter Bloody Easter” was created by 5-time Emmy-winning sound designer, Paca Thomas, mixed at Advantage Audio Post and colored at the prestigious ArsenalFX Color by colorist Andrew Starnes. 




“Easter Bloody Easter” is an outrageous horror-comedy shrouded in mystery. Set in Walburg, a small Texas town, a series of violent bloody murders has the locals on edge and scared for the upcoming “Easter-palooza.” The mayor refuses to cancel the festivities and argues that the famous “Egg Hunt” only happens once a year. “Jeanie” (Diane Foster), our heroine, wakes to find her husband “Lance” (D'Andre NoirĂ©) missing, and his wrecked car covered in blood and fur. “Sam” (Zachary Kanner), the town’s resident conspiracy theorist, in the search for Lance, steers Jeanie and her best friend “Carol” (Kelly Grant) to the legend of the killer Jackalope that ravaged their town 150 years ago.

Much like a werewolf, the Jackalope is a shapeshifter—human one moment and giant horned rabbit the next. It’s up to Jeanie and Carol, to follow the bunny tracks and uncover the fluffy truth. After encountering the Jackalope’s demon bunny army, the ladies team up with “Megan” (Zuri Starks), a professional bunny slayer, to hunt for the creature’s true identity. Despite the present danger to the town, Jeanie’s nemesis; the self-righteous head of the church committee, “Marylou” (Allison Lobel), and her faithful church ladies, insist on helping “Mayor Lou” (Adam Slemon) put on the fish fry, the bunny-hop dance, and the Easter bunny costume contest as planned.

The Jackalope and his evil minions arrive to attack the events creating chaos, pandemonium, and a mounting death toll. Easter is now: officially ruined. Armed with their cowboy hats and big Texas determination, these unlikely town residents band together to find Lance, solve this mystery, and—bless their hearts—stop the Jackalope once and for all.


Friday, March 01, 2024

POOR THINGS Streaming on Hulu March 7

 POOR THINGS (2023) 

From filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos and producer Emma Stone comes the incredible tale and fantastical evolution of Bella Baxter (Stone), a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe). Under Baxter’s protection, Bella is eager to learn. Hungry for the worldliness she is lacking, Bella runs off with Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo), a slick and debauched lawyer, on a whirlwind adventure across the continents. Free from the prejudices of her times, Bella grows steadfast in her purpose to stand for equality and liberation.  

*Nominated for 11 Oscars and winner of 5 BAFTA Awards*

(Streaming Thursday, March 7)


Four Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Panels


When vacationing in Europe, even a short walk around the local area will show you that the vast majority of houses use solar power as their primary source of energy. Now, many Americans wrongly assume that if they don’t live in a sunshine-rich area of the country, solar panels would be useless on their own roof, when in fact, solar panels work everywhere.

Here are the four main reasons why you should invest in solar panels, and how this will positively impact the natural environment. 


1. Solar Power Saves Electricity 

In order for your TV to switch on immediately after pressing the button and your kettle to prepare your hot water for a much-needed coffee straight away, the electricity needs to be transported to your home via an extensive, expensive, and environmentally detrimental network. 

With solar panels, the energy is taken directly from the sun and can power anything and everything in your home, completely negating the need for big power plants to release so much pollution to send the power to you. 


2. Solar Power Creates More Jobs 

The economy as a whole, not just your household’s monthly bills, will benefit when more people turn to solar power as an energy source. As solar panels increase in popularity, there will naturally be a boost in the supply and demand chain, meaning that a huge number of jobs will be created as households across the country will be looking for reputable and renowned suppliers to design and install the panels.

In addition, solar power also makes use of land that, for whatever reason, is currently underutilised, and as solar energy can provide power for everyone, regardless of where they live, solar farms will be needed everywhere, not just in and around large cities. 


3. Solar Power Takes You Off the Grid 

Having made the decision to install solar panels in Milton Keynes from Now EV, youll also be decoupling from the matrix, the huge electrical grid that powers the United States. 

As traditional means of creating, transporting, and using electricity relies almost exclusively on fossil fuels such as natural gases and coal (both existing in a finite number,) your home and your family are therefore reliant on the global and national supply.

Not only are solar panels likely to reduce the amount of money youre regularly paying for energy, but it will also mean that the next time theres a power cut, youll be able to carry on entirely as normal. 


4. Solar Power is Free

Finally, and possibly the most obvious reason of them all to choose to install solar panels on the roof of your own home is that this type of energy is entirely free.

The sun is impossible to monopolize or privatize and the energy produced by the sun’s rays provides more energy than the world could ever possibly use, making it the obvious next step in the quest to reduce global warming and preserve the planet for future generations.