Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are We Playing Soccer Or What?

The past couple of nights I have been taking the kids outside to play around dusk. The weather is amazing, the sky stunning, the kids full of energy and willing to listen and my son practicing his soccer.

I have been trying to get him to play soccer on a team forever. For two years I signed him up and headed down on Saturday morning for at least 6 weeks before pulling him out. He never played. I never pushed. Just tried to coax. It never worked. This year with Wii and Kindergarten, he is very interested in soccer.

We head out for about an hour and he kicks the ball back and forth with me. He is good at traveling and blocking. Shock of all shocks, he likes it.

This week, I started talking to Goddess about making Fairy houses. I love how interested she is in all things outdoors. She really loves touching leaves, sticks, finding nuts, feathers, bugs, whatever. Building a Fairy house would be so much fun. So, while Handsome and I were kicking around a ball, she collected some things for her Fairy house.

When Handsome saw her pile getting bigger he headed over to investigate. She told him what she was doing and he started searching for things thus forgetting all about mom and the soccer ball.

This weekend I hope to build a Fairy house with them. Pictures will follow!


  1. least they're being active. I'm grown and still all over the place lol

  2. Every post about them amazes me more and more. They are just such wonderful children... and you are the best mother!


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