Monday, January 06, 2020

Just More Answers To Random Questions


what is your name spelled backwards? airam, I like it it sounds like a God or Goddesses name.
what did you do last night? Put the kids to bed and dove into my first freelance job in a year. I felt good to be doing something that would generate some actual money for my hard work. Mothering pays SHIT!
the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? An upgrade to Microsoft Windows. browser and an really great media player thanks to my bud Ohio
have you ever licked a 9v. battery? Aren’t there better things to do with your tongue?
How many cars have you owned? I am on my 4th car. I got my license late considering that I was already 25 and most of my friends had been driving since they were 18 or younger. I had a 1989 Black Camero. I loved that car. So far it is the only one I had an attachment to. Then I got a 1991 Electric Blue Firebird which was also cool but I didn’t drive that long. Next was a really boring, Toyota Tercel currently I am driving a reliable Toyota Corolla.
type of music you dislike most? Rap
are you registered to vote? Yup
do you have cable? does the air have oxygen?
ever made a prank phone call? When I was younger probably once or twice but I felt terrible about it. I had such Cathelic guilt 
you like anyone right now? uh?  If you’re reading this, chances are really great that I like you… lots and lots. 
would you bungee jump or sky dive? Nope, I like walking and breathing on my own too much.
furthest place you’ve ever traveled? St. Lucia
do you have a garden? Unfortunately no but I am dying to start a veggie garden. Maybe when the kids are a little older.
do you know all the words to the national anthem? yes – and it was one of the songs I used to sing to put my son to sleep.
shower, morning or night? I have to do it in the morning
best movie you’ve seen in the last month? They have all sucked thank you very little.
favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni
chips or popcorn? Either.
who is your cell phone provider? Verizon – who wants to know?
have you ever smoked peanut shells? Do people do this? What the fuck man. Peanuts? Why?
have you ever been in a beauty pageant? hahahahahahahah!!!
orange juice or apple? Either but I probably drink more orange juice.
who were the last people you sat at lunch with? My kids
favorite chocolate bar? I couldn’t possibly pick one. I am partial to a few like Skor, Health, Hersheys original, but I don’t descriminate. 
who is your longest friend and how long? I guess my tallest friend is my husband, followed by T she is pretty tall, no wait that would be Maria W she is 6’2.  Which friend have I known the longest that would be my sister Gabrielle who I have known her whole life (she is younger so I can’t say my whole life). After that would be Peggy who I have known since we were in 2nd grade together or was it 1st. I have to check my photo albums.
have you ever won a trophy? I don’t think so because I am sure I would still have it displayed somewhere.
favorite computer game? A game that I have been unable to play for about 8 months now; Sims.
ever ordered from an infomercial? Yes
sprite or 7-up? Neither
have you ever had to wear a uniform to school or work? No but I had to wear a smock when I worked at Kmart.
last thing you bought at a store? Books for the kids
ever thrown up in public? Yup
would you prefer being a millionaire or having true love?  Well since I have true love already, show me the money.
do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in lust at first sight but I think love is much deeper but if two souls are meant to be together…ahhh I don’t know.
can exes be just friends? I think so
who was the last person you visited in the hospital? My girl Bek
did you have long hair as a kid? Mostly yes. I did cut it two times very short but always regretted it afterwards.
what message is on your voicemail machine?  nothing exciting just to leave a message in one of three voice boxes.
where would you like to go right now? I would love to go to Millbrook to visit my mom’s grave. I am dying to take the kids there just so they can physically be in the same location as my mom. Dark? Maybe but I really want to go to my childhood home (G & G’s house) and have them walk through the rooms that I did as a child, take pictures of them under the trees that I stood under, sit with them at the table that I sat to eat so many years ago. 
what was the name of your first pet? Piewacket don’t ask because I have no idea 
what kind of backpack do you have and what’s in it? I do and it is my diaperbag which I can’t imagine ever going without. Long after diapers I am sure this bag will hold some such kid thing and it will always be strapped on my back.
last incoming and outgoing call on your phone? Incoming: my friend Clarissa.  Outgoing: Bek
what is the one thing you are grateful for today? That my kids were happy, fed, bathed and sleeping by 8:00 p.m.
what do you think most about? My kids, hubby and friends.

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