Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Working In A Preschool Is The Very Best Job For Me But It Is Not For Everyone

I never wanted to work in an office. My mother always worked in an office and I remember as a kid thinking OMG she is tied to a desk everyday. That is not for me! Well wouldn't you know that my very first job was in an office for the same Uncle that hired my mom back in the day when she eventually met my dad through said Uncle! I didn't hate it. I was a young girl and his office was next to an office with a lot of young guys. They were wonderful to me and I learned a lot working for my Uncle that I was able to use in my future office jobs.

When my husband and I started a family we decided I would be a stay-at-home mom. It was nothing I ever thought I would be able to do. My mom worked but his mom hadn't when they were little and that was what we decided we wanted for our children.

Being a mom was and is my absolute favorite job. I was good at it. I had the right balance of patience, love, structure and discipline. I was rational and never let my emotions get to me. If you discipline with love in your heart you can't go wrong and I loved every moment I was home with my kids even on the most challenging days.

When I decided to start working again, I worked in the my children's elementary school and eventually in their middle school. I loved it! I could see them every day. Our schedules were the same and I got the spend my day with many children. It is amazing how much you can care about children when you are with them every day. I was called Ms. G and loved it!

Eventually my job was abolished. The school found me some temp positions and I found a part-time job in a preschool. Working with 1-3 year olds! Oh how I missed this age. It is crazy, busy, insane, exhausting, challenging and some days very hard but I love it!

As a preschool assistant teacher I work with 10-12 2 year olds depending on the day and in the AM 5-15 1-3 year olds. Some days I get to play head teacher which I love!!! Running a classroom is exciting. In preschool I am Ms. Maria or Ms. Ria depending on how they say my name. Not all toddlers can do it. 3 syllables is hard. 

Over the course of 4 years I have seen kids come and go. I have loved so many children deeper than I ever knew possible. These kids are not my kids, they are not family but during the day they ARE my kids. I love each and every one of them. Some more than others.

At 2 they need a day time mommy. They need to feel loved, cared for, protected. They need to be held, they need hugs, they need someone to wipe their tears, make them laugh, be excited when they use the potty, or try the potty, wash their hands, eat all their lunch and listen to directions. I am their cheerleader, their daytime mommy, their friend, their sister. I am whatever they need at that moment.

This year there is a little boy who reminds me of my son when he was a toddler. I never had this before and I love him as if I birthed him myself. I miss him on the weekends and fortunately like his parents as well. I have sent them photos of my son and they agree they look alike. It is crazy how much I see my son in his face. They are not carbon copies of course but there is something about him I adore. I have never loved a child that wasn't mine like I do him! 

It took a month for him to finally say my name. It killed me that he asked for everyone else. Eventually he did and now he looks for me, calls for me and runs to me when I come in. It's obvious that he knows how much I love him and I love it. 

This is the absolute best job for me because:

1. I am not tied to a desk
2. I get to talk to toddlers all day and honestly they are way more fun than talking to adults.
3. They are funny. I laugh all day.
4. At 4'11 I have never felt so tall before
5. I get to play every day. I get to act like a big kid and it is keeping me young.
6. Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! There are so many hugs and who doesn't love being hugged without conditions.
7. I get to feel smart. Hey come on I know way more than these kids right!? Right?
8. I am reliving all the fun things I did with my own kids. I miss them this young.
9. I get to bring my daughter to work with me. I love watching her work with the kids. It has been great for her confidence too.
10. Depending on the weather I get to spend time outside.
11. They think I am cool.
12. My boss rocks!

The reasons it isn't for everyone:

1. My back hurts all the time. Lifting kids, holding kids and sitting on the floor has killed my back.  I have been at a chiropractor a lot!
2. Potty training. It is hard enough to potty train your own kids but now I am doing 10 kids at a time. Yeah that can be hard. Really hard.
3. They are not yours. You have to remind yourself often!
4. Kids are loud. If you don't like yelling, crying, screaming, whining this IS NOT FOR YOU.

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