Monday, January 06, 2020

Nothing to Do Today; or Do I?


Nothing to Do Today; or Do I?

This morning I got a call from my girl Sheress and she wanted to know if it was ok for her and 2 of her kids to stop by in 2o minutes. I love these kind of calls. Truly I do. I love when people feel comfortable enough to invite themselves over. 
I cooked breakfast for her and her kids. Not hard to do, eggs, cereal, tea, and biscuits. The  kids played for about 2 hours while she and I caught up. As she was heading home she asked if we wanted to go to her house for lunch. A longer play date? Sounds good to me. We headed to the bank to make a deposit and then headed to her house for lunch. Chicken nuggets for the kids, homemade chili and cucumber salad for us. It was so good.
The kids had a great time playing with her kids and dogs and she and I got to hang out longer.
I busied myself cleaning her air-condition filter and cleaning the air-conditioner. How is that for a lunch guest? Why? I needed something to do while she was doing laundry? I headed home about 3:50 because her son was in dire need of a nap and my two needed to let him sleep.
We got home and the kids played while I sat down to read some blogs and talk on the phone.
Overall it was an awesome day. Love when I wake thinking I have nothing to do and end up having a good time.

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