Friday, January 31, 2020

Bigotry and Hatred in My Home Town???!!


Bigotry and Hatred in My Home Town???!!

Hate & Bigotry In My Quiet Little Hometown

Yesterday at the park no less, I met the most racist women I have ever met.
A friend called me over to introduce me. Let me clarify, they are not friends but she wanted me to hear how crazy this person is.
She spoke of racism, bigotry, hatred, and sub-par standard education in our school system. The friend I was with, has never encountered what this women stated was a normal occurrence in our schools. My friend has 4 kids in the school system and feels that the schools are excellent here. She tried to tell the women how she has to disagree with what she is saying but the women had an answer for everything.
This person spoke about teachers playing favorites “I know my kids are not angels but none of the teachers ever liked them. They almost killed my son’s spirit.”
About the teachers being too old, “we have no teachers out of school, none of them have that desire to teach. They are all just waiting out until their retirement. You have to encourage children not discourage them. My kids spirits were broken every day.”
She spoke about the schools academic curriculum being below average, “we have ghetto schools here. They aren’t even average, we are below average.”
She mentioned racism running rampart through my home town, “they are just a bunch of white faces looking out for themselves.”
Her children were home schooled for 2 years and now are in the schools that she despises. Ummm..interesting. Why are her children in such deporable conditions if she has a choice. She homeschooled in the past so why is she not still doing so? Are her children not worth a better curriculm. You have to wonder about people sometimes. I think sometimes people just like to complaine.
I think, if you chose to see the world through tinted glasses of bigotry and hate you will find it, but, if you chose to see past it, to greener pastures you will see that everyone is the same, people are generally good and we CAN ALL GET ALONG.
I have noticed that if someone discuss bigotry and hatred that it is them who is racist.
Last night I mentioned this conversation to someone and they said, wait is her name, blah, blah, blah. I told her yes and she said she knows her and they live in the same area. She also told me this women feels that people are trying to get in her house and are watching her so there you have it.
I just feel bad that these children are growing up hearing such hatred that they too will obviously have the same feelings when they are older.
Hatred breds hatred…these are the days of our lives. Sad.

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