Monday, January 06, 2020

Van Suan Park


Van Suan Park

We tried another class trip last Tuesday. I was hoping and praying for a much better experience than our last class trip last October (I just spent 15 minutes looking through my older post to see if I had ever written about it but I didn’t. Probably because it was too tramatizing for both of us. He got the first beating of his life and I drove home wanting to slam my car into the first concrete pillar I saw). 
Anywhoo…we met my bud Bek and her little Munchkin at the gate and ran into only 2 of the kids from class at the gate but no one after that. Interesting class trip!
It did go much better than I expected other than;
– Handsome wanted to leave 5 minute after we entered the zoo and repeated the fact for the next 60 minutes.
– Tuesday’s are free and every stay-at-home mom in the area and every school within a 120 mile radius also chose this day to enjoy the mostly elusive animals that are featured at the zoo.
– No one cared that there was a 4 year old and 2 wee ones in carriages also trying to enjoy a moment at the animal cages and thus we were mostly trambled or nudged aside while teachers tried to perform a thorough interactive experience for their class or a gaggle of unparented 9 year olds swarmed loudly as one of their cohorts screamed to come see the monkey, lion or whatnot.
Other than that it was a pleasant experience and I would love to take my kids back on another day.


  1. We love Van Saun Park. I grew up going with my parents, took my kids, and try to go once a year with my daughter who still loves it (she's 28). It's a place that brings back lots of memories. We always try to go in June, before all the summer camps start visiting.

    1. Jackie, I haven't been there since this time. I really need to go back. It was such a nice time. Maybe my daughter and I will take a trip this Spring


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