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Happy Halloween 2007


Happy Halloween

Last night we headed into town to partake in the early treating being done by the merchants in our sleepy little town. Any store that wanted to participate placed a picture of a pumpkin in their store front to let everyone know that there was candy.
copy-of-picture-1806.jpg Holly Hobbie NOT Laura Ingells or a Little Prairie Girl!!!!
We had a blast. It was the most relaxing trick o’ treating yet. It was very quiet and the kids were able to be independent and as I watched from the doorways as they approached the store fronts on their own. There were no steps or long lines of bigger kids trembling over them to get to the candy. We went to every store who had a sign and it was great practice for the kids to practice their “trick or treat,” “Happy Halloween” and “thank you” before tonight. 
copy-of-picture-1816.jpg This guys was just plain creepy. My son was very interested in this mannequin. BTW…there is the sign.
I was so proud of them. I really enjoyed myself with them. They were polite, well behaved and all around fun to be with.
That’s my babies.
Tonight my husband was able to join us on our excursion through the neighborhood. I hope he got to see how well behaved, polite, and independent they have become. They had no problem going up to any house, saying what they were taught to say and coming right back to us.  They didn’t ask for candy while we walked around and when we said it was time to go, it was time to go. Much different than last year when Handsome had one of the worst meltdowns ever. It must have really drained and traumatize me because I didn’t even blog about it.
Currently I am sitting up watching Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi.   The are at Waverly Hill  until 3:00 a.m (6 hours). I am on my 3rd cup of tea hoping that I can hold out. The husband fell out about 10:15 so I am on my own. It’s almost 12:00, as long as I don’t lie down I will be ok.
copy-of-picture-1860.jpg There is Holly and Sportacus from Lazy Town getting treats from my neighbor. If only I had gotten more pictures and Sportacus wouldn’t stop for a picture at all. Damn it! I want more pictures.
Happy Halloween everyone and for more pictures go here

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