Sunday, January 05, 2020

Oh, so random post


Oh, so random post

– Camera (my 3rd child) gets sent out tomorrow for repairs, I pray for a speedy return
– The Goddess was very nausous tonight. Hopefully we get through the night without vomit.
– Niece went home on Saturday and I miss her terribly.
– Husband has been working so much, I forgot what he looks like.
– Bek and Munch were here for my birthday the other day and brought flowers so beautiful they make my kitchen look pretty.
– My girlfriend Sheress and her little ones stopped by with a birthday cake clomplete with candles and sang happy birthday when I opened the door. Such a nice surprise.
– My son finished his summer services and I am so happy.
– Goddess calls a forehead a 2-head. Hahahahaha
– Handsome has been exhibiting some awesome pretend play.
– Handsome writes all his letters (learned them in 3 days), and is writing numbers up to 15 (self taught).
– Still addicted to Big Brother but can’t stand any of them.

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