Monday, January 06, 2020

Time On My Hands


Time On My Hands

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Time on my hands…

So I thought I would do this meme that has been going around.
  • I Am: A Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Women, Me
  • I Want: To see my children grown, married and with children of their own
  •  I Wish: Money wasn’t always an issue
  • I Hate: People who refuse to see the beauty in the littlest things then complain that life sucks. It doesn’t suck! Old cliché but a good one…life is what you make it PERIOD. AND….people who only see black and white with no shades of grey. There is not just one way to do or see anything!
  • I Fear: Dying young and leaving my children to face the world without me or losing one of my babies or my husband
  • I Hear: My children singing songs from Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow”
  • I Say: Live and Let Live and to each his own. Oh, and way to many curse words
  • I Wonder: When I will get paid from my freelance jobs
  • I Regret: Not having kids sooner so that I could have had more
  • I Am Not: Blonde, tall or blue eyed
  • I Dance: All the time
  • I Sing: All day long. I sing any ditty that comes to mind along with some made up to make the kids laugh. They actually have started making requests.
  • I Cry: Too easily.
  • I Am Not Always: Nice
  • I Make With My Hands: Play Doh faces for the kids
  • I Write: Whatever flows through my fingers onto the keyboard.
  • I Confuse: Keira and Natalie (Any idea what I am talking about?)
  • I Need: A moment of silence and loads of sleep
  • I Should: Get off the computer
  • I Start: My day wedged between 2 kids, we put a whole new meaning to the family bed
  • I Finish: This Blog entry

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