Tuesday, January 21, 2020

In My 50s And Learning A New Hobby. Thank You Howard Stern

Soooo I have always wanted to know how to sketch, draw, paint, etc. I took a few months of painting classes in my late 20s and loved it. I am so in awe of people who can just create art. They take a pencil to whatever medium they work with and suddenly something that never existed before lives. My daughter's Instagram page is full of her drawings. I follow a billion artists and like all the photos on Instagram scrolling and hearting everything I love so I decided it was time.

This past Christmas while shopping for my daughter's newest sketchbook I grabbed one for myself. Nothing expensive, just something I could draw into and hopefully watch myself progress along the way.

I finally opened the a week ago after listening to Howard Stern who is an amazing artist who was telling someone that a few years ago he couldn't draw a straight line.  Inspired by those words and the thought that I too could eventually learn to draw well started sketching. I told myself that I would do at least 3 sketches a week.

My first sketch:

My second sketch: They are butt ugly but they are mine 

My 3rd Sketch:

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So while they aren't anything special, they are my firsts so I am sharing them here.
Do not wait, learn a new skill, do something you have always wanted to do. There is hopefully still time. It is never too late to go for it!

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  1. They are a HELL of a lot better than I could do! I generally think people can either sing or draw. (This division is probably in my brain because in my school most people could only choose one of the two electives.) I sing. Not super well or anything, but I can carry a tune. I CANNOT draw a face...or anything else! Pictionary is always so embarrassing for me! But your sketches are really good, especially as your first attempts! Keep it up...I look forward to seeing what you're drawing a few months from now!


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