Tuesday, January 14, 2020

First Book Of The Year: True To Your Selfie By Megan McCafferty

The 411:

A quick read featuring middle schoolers in a world of social media. Twelve year old students Ella and Morgan are Influencers on a fictional Instagram type platform called Fotobooth account. Morgan is running the show as the rich girl who even has a personal chauffeur and an obvious credit card thanks to Daddy. Ella is the grounded, talented buffoon being raised by a single mom who is losing herself as the passenger on the road to famous. 

I love the very real dialogue and quick paced story. Many readers will be able to see themselves in one of the many characters in this book. Whether looking from the outside as your "old" best friend moves forward without you or as someone trying to be "famous" and have as many likes as possible on your socials. 

This is honestly a great book for kids to read to see just how "fake" some of the Influencers they follow are. How everything is very calculated and staged in the "perfect" photos and lives they admire really are. 

I highly recommend!

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