Sunday, January 26, 2020

Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day With 6 Things Kids Can Do to Promote Kindness

Entrepreneur and dad, Bert Pope, developed Awesome, The Social Network for Kindness, a free mobile application and tool for users to create Kindness Challenges for us all to enjoy and in the app there are animated Kindness Koins to celebrate others for being and doing Awesome Kindness. It’s a game as you share you recieve points and level up with the ring around your profile getting brighter and changing colors as you level up. Encouraging users to share with family and friends their acts of kindness by uploading photos, videos or sharing a message/picture. He has developed a list of six easy and creative kindness acts for kids
Help out a friend or neighbor anonymously 
Make someone smile with no strings attached —shovel the snow from your neighbor’s sidewalk, or leave a basket of cookies just because, no thanks needed.

Be a baby/dog/cat-sitter– for free.
Many parents (of humans and fur babies) forego taking time out for themselves because sitters’ rates are often expensive. They will certainly appreciate your offer to look after their precious little ones without charge.

Bring out the chalk!
Everybody loves to be appreciated and cheered. On a nice day, surprise someone with a special message using sidewalk art! You may never realize how much it lifts someone’s mood.

Make a Kindness Jar!
Keep track of all acts of kindness with a Kindness Jar. Every time someone in your family does a random act of kindness, write it on a piece of paper with their name and put it in the jar. When it’s full, sort through it to see who was the kindest. Then, that person can pick an act of kindness that everyone else should do!
Celebrate a friend for being Awesome
For older kids, text/ message friends and let them know they are special with a fun silly gif video or go to and celebrate a person for being and doing something Awesome.

Create a Kindness Challenge from the AWESOME app
Using the Kindness template, upload a photo or video clip, adding a title for your Kindness Challenge then put a short description. It will be available to all the thousands of users on AWESOME. You are also able to share it on any of your other social channels. When your friends and others join in the kindness challenge inside of AWESOME app, they get points and can level up and up the more kindness challenges they do.
 About: Bert Pope is a father of four and the CEO of Awesome Company Worldwide, where he has launched the #BEAWESOME movement to make the world a better place.  Awesome is the social network for kindness is also providing fun tools to help create kindness challenges, to share out to other platforms as BE.AWESOME.ONE where members are encouraged and rewarded for doing and sharing acts of kindness in their daily lives. Bert is a passionate and visionary leader and his enthusiasm for creating a movement that has a positive impact on humanity is contagious.  He is a sincere and genuine person, a successful entrepreneur and a dynamic and relatable public speaker.

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