Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - The Girlie Jewelry Box Moment

My Goddess loves "pretty things". This is what she says every day. She loves sitting with her jewelry box and riffling through it, putting on various pieces of baby girl bling! Who doesn't love to sparkle once in a while? The red and black bracelet is a Street Angel creation made especially for Goddess with love.

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  1. Adorable!!! She is definitely a girly girl when it comes to that stuff. Love the red bracelet too of course!!! Boy, I tell you the creator of that jewelry is going to be famous one day.
    Luv ya!

  2. what could be better than a new beautiful jewelry box for a beautiful little princess?
    so precious!

  3. Lauri, She is! I was never a girly girl but I always wanted a daughter who was. I love that she is a total tomboy too!

    Amelia, Right! We all need a little bling, even the littlest girls. Thanks so much.

  4. You know how much I love the bling!
    She is so cute... I love how intense she is while looking into the box, usually when you take her photo, she puts on a huge smile or a goofy face. :-)
    Gotta love that Goddess!

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  6. What’s inside the box?
    Open the lid to find out.
    Ah, treasures galore!

    My Ruby Tuesday


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