Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kid Friendly Movies for the Winter Months Ahead - Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about Aliens in the Attic. You can read my review here.

Like I said, the winter is coming and if you are like me, you are already preparing for those days of snow bound, frigid weather that will keep you and your family inside.

The next movie on my radar is: Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Get ready, for the dawn of a new age! Manny, Sid, Diego and Ellie are back for more pre-hysterical hijinks when Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs stomps onto a Three-Disc Combo Pack (Blu-ray, DVD and a Digital Copy) on October 27 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

In the coolest Ice Age adventure yet, Manny and the herd discover a lost world of ferociously funny dinosaurs, including a cranky T. rex who’s got a score to settle with Sid! Meanwhile, Scrat goes nuts over the beautiful Scratte, but is she trying to win his heart – or steal his acorn?

The coolest animated comedy of the year, Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs features hilarious performances from Ice Age veterans Ray Romano (“Everybody Loves Raymond”), John Leguizamo (The Happening), Denis Leary (“Rescue Me”), Queen Latifah (The Secret Life of Bees), Seann William Scott (Planet 51) and Josh Peck (“Drake & Josh”), along with newcomers Bill Hader (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Kristen Wiig (“Saturday Night Live”), Jane Lynch (“Glee) and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead).  

The Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs Three-Disc Combo Pack (Blu-ray, DVD and a Digital Copy*) provides hours of extra fun for the entire family including an Ice Age digital story book maker, commentary by director Carlos Saldanha, deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, two special Scrat shorts, a how-to-draw Scrat tutorial with the filmmakers and much more.  The Three-Disc set will be available for a suggested retail price of $39.99 U.S./$49.99 Canada. Additionally, the Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs standard DVD will be available for $29.98 U.S./$43.48 Canada.

Head over to this site for games, printables and a video of Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

The Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs “Scrat Pack” Double DVD Pack, another great value for moms and fun for kids, will also be available for a limited time only featuring an overload of special features focusing on the determined squirrel including three “Scrat” games exclusive to the disc.  The “Scrat Pack” will be available for a suggested retail price of $34.98 U.S./$45.98 Canada.

BTW: Halloween Costumes still giving you an issue? How about this?

Create Scrat Costume

Ice Age when it was first released was a huge success do in large part to the comedy it provides. Scrat is instrumental in the comedy as he tries to bury his last acorn. Scrat is returning to the large screen in Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. If you have a child or just love the movies you might consider making your own Scrat costume. This costume will be great for costume parties or Halloween. It will take a bit of time to make so getting started now is reasonable even if it is for Halloween. Scrat is a sabre toothed squirrel, thus your costume will start with a Squirrel pattern. See below for the rest of the materials you will need.

Materials Needed:

* Squirrel pattern
* Sewing Machine
* Brown plush fabric
* Fake racoon tail
* Bunting
* Dark brown fabric
* Ball cap
* Bailing wire or dowels
* Hot glue
* Teeth
* Large fake eyes


Step 1: Visit a craft store either online or in person. You need to find a few items that are not always the norm in costume making. The fabric can be found at a shop like Joann Fabrics or even Michaels. At the craft store you need to look for a white sharp, pointed object that can be Scrat’s teeth. Another option is visiting a museum that sells fake teeth.

Step 2: To begin you will need to create the body of the squirrel following the pattern. Bunting can help you get the right form, as you will need a little padding in the tummy and rear section. The jump suit should include covering for the feet and arms.

Step 3: To the body of Scrat you will sew on the fake raccoon tail. Or you can make your own tail with faux fur. It is up to you and your budget.

Step 4: The hard part will be the head of Scrat. We have elected to make a hat style hood rather than a hood that will cover your whole face. Take the ball cap, and strip the bill down to the width of the nose. You will use the ball cap to help reinforce the long mouth and nose. From the ball cap use the dowels to form the thinning nose. Cover the entire hat in the brown fabric. (To attach the dowels use a hot glue gun). At the end of the mouth attach brown fabric for the nose. This should be the darker brown.

Step 5: Once the nose is in place you can attach the teeth you have found for the costume.

Step 6: The last step is creating ears and the eyes of Scrat. The eyes need to be very large and round, then the ears can sit behind that.


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    My daughter loved all 3 movies. As a matter of fact she was just watching it on TV.

  2. I want all three of these movies, too... I'm just a little kid at heart!! (Wish my body thought so, too).
    Great idea and directions for the costume, but me and The Hubs (and Nano, too) already have our costumes!

  3. I have seen this movie and It's really full of fun and emotions.


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