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Cheaper Than Therapy

This was my son in 2007. Two years makes such a difference.He looks like such a baby here to me and these days he seems like such a big boy.

My daughter who was only 2 wasn't allowed downstairs to play in the family room but Handsome had the privilege of having time to himself behind the baby gate. However, as much as he wanted to go downstairs, he still wanted remain close to mom. This is often the scene I would find when I looked down.

Toys on the steps made me crazy but I love seeing the ones he USED to play with before he got "bigger". The Wiggles dolls and everything Wiggle, have high honors in his room on a shelf above his bed. They were his life for about 2 years. I was really sad when he gave them up.


  1. Wow...that's a lot of stuff on the stairs!! It's hard to be banished away from mom. I hope he's outgrown it though...LOL!

  2. Give him another couple of years and you'll look back on today's pictures and think he was little! They just keep growing and growing!

  3. He does look so little, but I love the hair! Too cute that he wanted to be a big boy, yet still be near his mommy... They never really grow out of that! :-)

  4. Ree has grown up so fast. I remember when Prince would never play to far away from me or called me several times while playing. Now this little one has grown as well. Wait why am I whinning I don't have to be the playmate anymore lol.

  5. Suburban Hooker, He still loves being by mom but he wants to fly on his own more. Thanks for taking time to comment. I totally love our name.

    JAM, I know it, they change so fast. Love looking at his baby pictures and seeing how big he is but he is still my baby.

    B&L, I hope you are right. We all want our kids to fly but we still want them to come back home to the nest as much as possible.

    Sheress, They HAVE grown. I was just looking at photos of the boys the other day and they are so different. Awww I miss those days.

  6. Very sweet...Sometimes I miss when my daughter was "helpless" and I could hold her in my arms for as long as I wanted--now she's three and I'm lucky if she let's me stop her long enough to squeeze in a few two-second hugs a day!

  7. Adorable- they do grow up so fast, but you have great memories. Love how he wanted to be close to mama.


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