Monday, October 26, 2009

How Does Your School Rate?

Recently I was sent a link to this online resource for schools.

SchooGo is a free online resource that provides information regarding pre-k, elementary, middle and high school across all the states. 

Parents can find, compare and evaluate public k-12 schools on academic performance, student’s demographics, teacher and student statistics and parent and teacher’s reviews. This information is supplemented with school photos, videos, questions and answers and other qualitative data on schools wherever available. For the private schools and the preschools, parents can find contact details and the basic student statistics such as student enrollment as private and preschools are not required to release test scores.  

The website currently features more than 125,000 public, private and charter k-12 schools and 100,000 preschools. 

On the site, parents can search for schools in a number of different ways including: search by city, state, zip code; search by school name or school district; or search by proximity to an address. Parents can also compare public schools side by side on academic scores, student and teacher statistics and student demographics. 

The site also features a blog that covers common parenting and schooling concerns and a variety of articles and guidelines on parenting and education listed by topic across all grades.


  1. Sounds like a great resource, wish there was something like that when my kids were in school!

  2. hi, i am new here and fond this blog very helpful in different ways. I think you have provided great source for parents.


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