Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Give You The Moon and More

This weeks ABC Wednesday is "M".

This is a monument from a Cemetery walk
Same Monument, going for a different feel
Maria's Side Note: Change of angle totally changes the look of the photo. The first one is obviously a headstone. The second one was mistaken for the Washington
Monument this week. I love photography!

Here is my son Mesmerized by the bee display at a local farm

Here is a very messy baby after eating her very first piece of Valentine chocolate. This was taken Feb 2006.


  1. Great shots! Your children have beautiful eyes.

  2. Oh, yes! Great shots indeed -- it is amazing about the angle, isn't it? Oh, and I love those BIG brown eyes and chocolate, too, of course!

    Have a great day!


  3. Magnificent shots! And those eyes are MAMMOTH! Don't we all have shots of our kids being messy! lol

  4. Magnificent, magical, and moving Maria!!

  5. I actually went to Washington this summer and you got a better picture than I did of the real Washington monument. I love days like that when you can see the moon in the daytime. It is so amazing.

  6. I've been fascinated by the sheer number of Washington Monument-type gravestones in old cemeteries, which I've been known to visit.

  7. Marvelous monuments, photographs, eyes and chocolate. A terrific post!

  8. Moon,monuments, the mesmerized and messy looks make a great M post.


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