Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catching Up On My Bloglines Reading

When I started blogging I searched for blogs that interested me. Then I threw them in Bloglines so I would get their feed update and read everything in one place. Sounds good right? It worked, for about 3 years I went there to read everyone's blog.

Fast forward-I realize I haven't been there in forever so I headed there this morning (No girlfriends available today to chat with). Ummm...85 feeds, 865 updates and no time to read them all. Ok, enough of this. I am going to sort through and look for everyone who has been updating regularly and grab their feed through email, follow, or throw them on my favorites if they are still a favorite.

A few have already been added to my favorite blogger list but here are some I would love to share with you.

The Why File - Funny shit here! I always enjoyed reading this and can't believe I stopped for so long. BTW..be sure to go down to the "Shave the Doll" item. *Shiver*

Flea Market Studio - This blogger is so inspiring. Her blog is amazing. Her kids are adorable. Her creations jaw dropping. I simply love everything about her adorable blog. You can check out her Flickr photos here.

Happy Meals and Happy Hour - This chick is funny! Check out her Halloween post.

Dispatches From The Island - This blog is written by Jorge Garcia or Hurley from Lost! He is funny, witty and talks about the show, his life, his pets, his fans, his life. Not many celebrities keep a blog going as regularity as Jorge.  I have laughed out loud while reading his blog and that is something I don't say often.

I Do Things So You Don't Have To - This blog is funny. I got started reading her blog when she was eating certain foods so that I didn't have to. Check out her post on celebrity bulges and see who won. BTW...I love knowing that I am not the only person who checks out celebrity bulges.

A Mother's Journal - Lynn is amazing. She accomplishes so much and she write from the heart. Her children are adorable and she takes pictures where you feel like you were really part of the experience.

The Crafty Crow - Tons of fun and easy crafts for you and the kids.


  1. Thanks for the links... I never knew about Jorge Garcia's blog... I love Hurley and Lost.
    Have a great night.

  2. I visited the Why Files and cracked up at the Fast Food Dream Versus Reality post! Shaved baby=not normal


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