Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quotes By 4.5 Year Old Goddess

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If you are a reader of this blog, you know how amazing I think my daughter is. I often joke that this is not her first time around. She has been here before. She knows to much. I knew it the moment she was born. They handed her to me and I said, "You know everything. You know all the secrets." I could see it in her eyes. She was a smart cookie.

A few months ago she said had something to say about heaven. Here it is.

Today, she had something else to say; I was rubbing some cream on her after her shower and she let me rub her back. She lied on the couch and I messaged her. She said, "That feels good in this world, but not in the other world."

I said, "what other world?"

She said, "the one up there, in outer space."


I don't know people this chick freaks me out sometimes. Like this past weekend when she was sitting on the living room floor playing with her toys and I was reading on the couch. She stopped talking for her toys and said, "Mommy did you just call me?"

I told her no.

She said, " You didn't just say, "God-dess?" (not her real name and now what she asked but go with me here).

I said, "Did you hear someone say your name?"

She said, "yes" and continued playing.

This was the day before my husband told me he heard running upstairs when he was in the basement but there was no one home. Weird!

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  1. She definitely is an "old soul". Whether she can communicate with "others", I don't know. But she is really one wonderful young lady and will certainly do fabulous things with her life, of that I am certain!!


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