Monday, October 19, 2009

Mother Nature Has Been Busy Painting

This weeks Ruby Tuesday are brought to you Mother Nature. I took them last Friday on my way to my girlfriend's house. I had some time to kill so got out of the car and was greeted by this duck. Love that red tree reflection in the water.

Then I spotted a tree with some berries and grabbed that for Ruby Tuesday this week. Love the color of the leaves more than the berries. Amazing colors by nature.

Then this amazing tree caught my eye.

Autumn is my favorite time of your. The colors are amazing and the weather is crisp and cool. Love it!


  1. I love the berry the most, so vibrant!

    Here is my Ruby Tuesday entry.

  2. The berries and foliage are rubies to behold! The autumn colors are the best thing about the Fall, the only shame about it is the leaves will, well, leave the tree and it will get colder.

    I really like ducks, ruby or no. And this is a beautiful example!

  3. I would like to live there by the water! The reds are amazing in your selection of Fall colours.

  4. So beautiful!! The red maple is my favorite picture... it is my second favorite tree of all (weeping willow being the first).
    You have some gorgeous photos this week... the colors of fall are the only thing I like about the north - it is just too cold up there!
    You make it look so appealing, however... Thanks for sharing.

  5. stunning reds! love the luscious berries...

  6. Beautiful colors!!! Happy RT indeed! :)

    my RT entry is here.

  7. Anonymous5:25 AM

    This is interesting.

  8. Nice collection of Rubies.


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