Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Have Company

It appears that the Mucinex monster has taken up residence in my chest.

I haven't felt this sick in thankfully a really long time. In fact, I couldn't get off the couch last night to do prayers with my two children. I felt terrible about it but my body just couldn't do the walk from the couch to their rooms.

Yesterday the doctor informed me that I have an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection. Why do just one when you can do two really. So I headed over to Shoprite who are running a free antibiotic campaign to help out the public. Thank goodness they are because I have no insurance. Thank goodness for doctors who give discounts and Shoprite for my free antibiotics. Having no insurance is scary enough and when you get sick you tend not to run right away to the doctor.

So after three rounds of medication, a surprise soup visit from Lauri I am finally feeling like I can sit up. Lauri was so sweet. She called me saying that she was in my driveway. When my son opened the door (I had to keep the kids home today, I couldn't move this morning to get them to school) I heard him say, "is that for us?" She had got them Happy Meals which they were thrilled with. She knew that I was suffering and didn't want me to worry about their lunch. She also brought over some crackers, soup mix, orange juice and a Neti Pot.

If you never heard of the Neti Pot head over to Healing Daily where they discuss benefits and usage.

In the last 3 hours I have felt better than I have the last three days. Last night I was beyond ok, my head and body ached from 4 days of unproductive coughing. My head wanted to explode. I pictured Uncle Fester from the Adams Family and his head vice. Every cough (approx every 2 seconds) sent my body into convulsion and my head pain made me suicidal. Dead would end the pain. Being rational and a loving mother who would never leave her children on her own free will I knew this was going to pass.

I just printed out some homeschool worksheets. The kids have been phenomenal today. During what what be our homework time I am going to pull them out and get some work done. They love it and really they aren't sick I am so work is in order.

For some great printables, lesson plans, and craft ideas head to Teaching Heart. KinderKorner is an amazing site full of stories, pictures, and lesson plans. I love this one on Pumpkins.


  1. I'm so sorry you are sick, what a sweetie Lauri is to help you out!!
    Your kids are so good to behave when you are feeling poorly, they are the best!
    Glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve each day so that you are up to taking them out for Halloween. :-)

  2. I hope you're feeling better---seeing as how this blog post is a few days old, maybe you are! Sorry, I am behind in reading my emails, but better late than never!


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