Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Tooth

This is a picture of Handsome taken October 20, 2005. He was 5 months old. He would get his first tooth 5 days later on October 25th. It was a bottom tooth and it was on the right side.

This past Thursday while jumping around to his favorite website Starfall he stopped jumping. I overheard the Teach ask, "what happened? Are you ok?" Then I heard, "Your tooth fell out."


The three of them showed up in the doorway of the bathroom where I was removing my contacts and getting ready with some water for him to rinse and spit.

When I looked at him holding his fallen tooth and bleeding from his gum, he was all smiles. So excited that his first tooth had fallen out and that the "tooth fairy" would be coming. We haven't spent a lot of time talking about the tooth fairy or what happens with teeth but he seemed very aware.

After taking the little tiny tooth and washing it while he held some paper to his bleeding gum I remembered the Tooth Fairy Kit I had purchased over 3 years ago when it was on sale. I love shopping during sales and have about (3) 30 gallon containers holding sale items (Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Thinking of You gifts).
He remember when I did and asked me to get it. We did a happy dance and he said, "Mommy, I lost my tooth, you are proud of me?!

I was so proud and so excited for him. He looked at his tooth while his sister asked if she could touch it. He said no.

The kit contained a Tooth Fairy book, a little blue envelope and a little candle light that you put out so the fairy can find you.

He was so excited to put his tooth in the blue envelope. We put the candle in the window.

When he woke up the next morning he came into the living room carrying his little army guy (as usual) and sat on the couch. I asked if he had checked under his pilllow. He ran into this room and came back with the envelope and of course army guy.

He read his little note and took out his money. When he was done he said he wanted to lose another tooth so he could buy a Super Mario Wii game. I told him he would need to loose 4 of them to get a game. He started fiddling with his other loose tooth.

When I sat down to write in his baby book I realized that this was his very first tooth that grew in and his first to fall out. Thankfully we have it (it wasn't swallowed, or lost down a drain as when I was a kid) and if we never keep another, this one will always be the most important.
My baby is getting so big! Losing teeth! I wrote to his Godmother to tell her and her answer back was, "isn't he too young?!" I feel the same way. Weren't we just waiting for his teeth to come in?


  1. I am so jealous!! Last year my daughter had a loose tooth for a very long time. It seemed like it was never going to come out. We waited and waited and then one day while she was in school it finally did. The teacher put it in a case that you wear on a string around your neck. She was so happy to tell me and when she opened it the tooth was gone. She was so sad and so was I for that matter. This was her First Tooth and I couldn't save it....Hold on to that baby tooth forever!!!!

  2. Oh, Maria, you made me cry with such beautiful words and pictures.
    I think that Tooth Fairy kit is such a wonderful idea... that candle in the window is fabulous, and the blue satin envelope so lovely.
    What a great post that you had the picture of him right before he got that very same post... he will treasure this post when he gets older, I am so sure! Please print it out and put it in his baby book... you will want to save it because you wrote it so beautifully.
    Give Handsome a big hug for me!!

  3. How exciting is that!!! What are his plans that nice smacking crispy five? Hugs and kisses to him.

  4. Wow--the tooth fairy is rockin at your house. Five bucks! Way to go, Handsome!


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