Friday, August 28, 2009

Music for the Whole Family

As part of a One2One Compaign, I received a copy of Kenny Loggins newest family CD on Walt Disney Records. I had some friends over yesterday and everyone picked it up to comment on Kenny.

"Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone, right? Kenny is still recording? Didn't he sing Footloose?"

Yes, yes, and yes, that is all Kenny Loggins. Who can listen to either of those songs and not want to get up and dance.

We gave the new CD a listen and everyone enjoyed it. Kenny Loggins has dedicated himself to recording music for children. Did you guys know he has had the best selling children's album for the last 20 years with "Return to Pooh Corner?

On this particular CD, Kenny is singing songs that children will enjoy and adults will be able to sing along with. He does the Beatles, "All Together Now and Two of Us." BTW...I love All Together Now especially with kids singing it. He also does You've got a Friend In Me". Who doesn't love this song. It really is a sweet, fun, great song for kids and adults.

Check out
Kenny Loggins - Underneath The Same Sky (Music Video)

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  1. I've liked Kenny Loggins since I was kid... this sounds like a gread album. Pooh Corner has been one of my favorites forever. I think I want this one for myself, and my kids are all grown up. :-)


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