Saturday, August 22, 2009

Self Portrait Sunday #9 - Revisit

This is a revisit because I haven't posted a self portrait since July 11th. Not because I didn't want to it was because I my beloved point and shoot took its final picture. Those cameras are not made to take 3000 pictures a month and eventually my LCD just burned out.

I do have a lovely camera but it is hard to do a self portrait with it. When you set the self timer and run to stand in, you have to be exactly in the same spot or the camera adjusts hence, a blurred picture.

For my birthday, my husband got me another point and shoot and my daughter and I took some fun one today.

Let's discuss the reason I started Self Portrait Sunday. You look through your photo albums or computer folders and see very few photos of yourself. Maybe it is because, like me, you are usually behind the camera. Or maybe, it's because you never feel you look good in photos so you tell everyone, "don't take any of me."

Join me, putting up your self portrait shots every Sunday. There is only one rule. Link back to me so I can come visit you. I would really love seeing some participants so come and play.

Excuse the weekend, rainy, no make up face and grey roots. Oh, and notice the stack of book waiting for me to review or read on the night stand.


  1. Great pictures! You look very beautiful and your daughter is pretty cute too!

    I'm going to have to see if I can get some self portraits and start doing this.

  2. Great shots! And a great idea!

  3. Great pictures of you and Goddess, you both look beautiful!!

    I tried my hand at it, but they are not from this past Sunday:

    I'm gonna try to participate each week ~ you'll have to remind me...


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