Saturday, August 08, 2009

Skin Care

I have been moisturizing since I was 12 years old.

My "Grandma Gagliano" taught me to use Oil of Olay to take care of my skin and never forget the neck. It's funny because I don't recall ever seeing her put it on but I give her total credit for the young looking skin I now have.

Whenever someone says, "you're going to be 43?" I always tell them how I've been moisturizing since I was 12. Is it the moisturizer or is it the fact that I don't take the sun, smoke or drink? Who knows but the fact is that moisturizing is important to your skin. Some of us treat our washables better than we treat the skin on our body. I feel like Sally Field, "I have one body!" It's true, we have to take care of this body because it was given to us. We take time to read a book, watch TV, flip through a magazine, talk on the phone with our friends, vacuum, clean, cook, whatever, how long does it take to care for your skin? It doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars either.

SIRJJ Organics gave me the opportunity to try one of their creams. The one they sent me was the Rehydration Cream. It is wonderful! The scent is very subtle and you can tell there is no weird chemicals in it. All natural which is exactly what we SHOULD be putting on our face. I also love the slogan on the jar "Never to Young or Old to Age Gracefully." I have already started teaching my 4 year old daughter about taking care of her skin and both my kids know how bad sun exposure is for your skin. That comes from working for a Dermatologist for 5 years. They don't step outside the house without sunscreen and remind me often.


  1. I've been using mosturizer since I was 12 as well. I think it really helps!! I was blessed to have good skin.

  2. I was very blessed with great skin and parents who were ahead of the times when it came to understanding sun damage. (I remember a trip to Disney World when I was 12 and having to wear long pants and long sleeves because of the sun - I wasn't happy then, but I am NOW.) I used Ivory Soap on my face when I was young, but didn't need moisturizer until I was around 19, when I began using Oil of Olay (funny, huh), and also using a sunscreen, and have every day since... People don't believe I am 43 either... The only thing that gives it away is the gray hair ~ wish hair coloring was cheaper!! :-)
    Thanks for a fabulous review, this stuff looks wonderful!!


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