Monday, August 03, 2009

Fairy Hunter's Ink by Sheila A. Dane

Last month I got was given the chance to review a book called Fairy Hunter's Ink by Sheila A. Dane. First, obviously, the art work is amazing. What is not to love about that sweet, cherubic face on the cover? But then you start reading you you are transported to another place.

Reading it out loud was so much fun. The voice of Laura is fun and sweet as she tells us about her little friend, 5 year old Ashley and the rest of the Fairy Hunters, a rabbit and a turtle.

The story is sweet and if someone doesn't make this a movie it would be a great disappointment. Very sweet story that would make a great bedtime story to be passed down for generations.

As an x-Poughkeepsian, I love the Poughkeepsie reference.

This book also cleared up quite a few things for me. Did you guys know that there were button fairies? I had no idea, I will be spending the next few weeks reinforcing all of my buttons. One fact that I had assumed all along but had no proof until now, was that all pockets have fairies until the pocket gets a hole and the fairy falls out.

Oh and finally we now know why so many socks go missing! Fairies usually steal the sock that matches their coloring. I know and so do you!
Have you ever wondered why your child's clothes, or even your own, always end up on the closet floor? Or why your socks go missing from your laundry? Or why ants inevitably show up at your picnics? If you want the answer to these and many other vexing questions, then "Fairy Hunters, Ink." is the book for you. All this and more await you as you follow the adventures of the intrepid band of Fairy Hunters made up of a little girl named Ashley, her friend Big Rabbit, and their fellow companion, Turtle. You will discover which fairy hates to fly, what Teacup Fairies eat, and the favorite games of the Mud Puddle Fairy. And you’ll delight to the the dry, amusing voice of Laura, the narrator whose age is uncertain, but whose gentle management of occasional conflict among the band’s members teaches wisdom and tolerance in a way that children can fully understand.

You can buy this book in paperback or ebook form by clicking this link.

In A Nutshell: A book you won't mind reading to your children before bed. I love reading it out loud and doing voices for all the characters. You will too!

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