Friday, August 28, 2009

Saving Ben, A Father's Story of Autism

I have removed my Amateur Book Review title in response to two awesome commenter's. Thank you ladies!

The beginning of the month I received a book called Saving Ben, A Father's Story of Autism by Dan E. Burns.

Right after I post, I will email Dan to thank him for having UNT send the book to me.

Ben, was born in August 1987 and is now 21 years old as of this book release.

Saving Ben was mostly written from entries of a diary his father, Dan Burns kept while trying to understand, then work through the eventual limitations and teachings of his son.

As a mother whose son has been in various services from age 2, it was a harrowing reminder as to just how lucky I was to have a child born into a world, who believes in early detection and intervention.

Dan has spent the past 21 year making sure that Ben is the best Ben he can be. As a "work in progress" Ben has made tremendous strides thanks in part to his father's never ending research, teachings and love.

What I appreciated most about this book beside the fact that I will always wonder how Ben and Dan are doing, is that Dan is brutally real in this book. Writing about his own short comings, set backs and failures is very brave. What parent doesn't lose their cool, or want to just run from it all? Dan is an amazing father. He is the kind of father we would all want for our children. I am of the belief that there is a reason for everything. Ben and Dan are the perfect of combination of love, respect, faith and perseverance.

Read Saving Ben, and find out how one father's love saved his son from the strait jacket of autism. With limited support and a ton of road blocks, Dan and a team of therapists that he hired, a strict diet regimen and more, Ben is living a full life.

Kudos to Dan Burns for loving as deeply as he does.


  1. I was afraid to read this book because I thought it was going to be too sad, but after reading your (non-amateur)review, I think it will be more inspirational and uplifting. Thanks for recommending it.

  2. This one sounds interesting. I have heard about the diet aspect of treatment before as being helpful. Good review!


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