Monday, August 17, 2009

PlasmaCar Review

Thanks to Tasha from Catch The Drift with Mama Snow, and Classy Closet I was given the opportunity to review PlasmaCar.

From the moment we opened it and put it together which only took my husband about 5 minutes, my daughter was off and riding.

There is no batteries needed for this little sweetie. PlasmaCar runs on kid power which in this economy is a great thing. Batteries are just too expensive.

You simply get on PlasmaCar, turn the wheel left and right and move. Working on centrifugal force, gravity and friction, your kids can power this car on any flat surface.

I have tried to use it myself and was unable to but the kids can get it moving in right away.

We took it with us to the school playground, a friend's driveway, my kitchen floor and my deck and the kids could ride it on all surfaces.

Check out the Plasma Car in action!

PlasmaCar comes in so many colors, there is one for every one's taste; blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, and red. We got the red and I may need to buy another one because my kids fight over time on the one car.

You have to appreciate a toy that is durable, holds up to 220 pounds, is quiet and saves us on batteries. Love that!

I bothers me when I hear my daughter say, this doll, bear, truck doesn't do anything. When I was a kid, the toys required something from me in order to work. Now that all the toys are electronic kids are spoiled and expect the bells and whistles. Plasma car, is like a visit to my childhood. It works on kid power and there is nothing wrong with that!

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Or, if you are looking to try your hand at a PlasmaCar giveaway, head over to one of the sites below. They are hosting a giveaway.
DealectibleMommies (ends August 21 2009)
AFamilyCompleted (ends September 9 2009)

For the price of $69.95 you could pick up a toy that your child or yourself will use and love. Put your zip code in here to find the closest retailer. I believe this would be a great therapy workout for Occupational Therapists to use with their students. You have to use your hands and your core muscles need to be engaged to get moving. I am going to suggest this to my son's occupational therapist.

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  1. Thanks for the review and the giveaway links--I went and entered both :)


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