Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look What I Found Thursday - #17

I would like to share with you "pearls of the Internet" on my radar for the week.

My son is starting Kindergarten in just 14 short days. It will be a huge adjustment for me more than him I'm sure. I have been with my children 24/7 since birth. I can count on my 1 hand how often I have left them with someone beside my husband and on two hands the amount of times I have left them with him longer than 1 hour.

Getting us both ready for Kindergarten is going to take some time but I found a really great list over at Cedar Valley Publishing by Stacy Kannenberg entitled
Homework for Parents & 7 Things Kindergarteners Need to Know. Head over here to check out her very well written list.

Are you a Fundraising type person? Are you constantly trying to raise money for a non-profit organization that is dear to your heart? Then let me introduce you to Freelanthropy!!!

What is Freelanthropy? Freelanthropy has partnered with Yahoo! to convert everyone's Internet searches into cash for charities. Schools, churches, shelters, scouts, environmental causes and thousands of other nonprofits can benefit. Click on a charity below to see how easy it is to support a great cause every day, then get started for your own charity!

It is easy and free!

Charity Toolbar
Each charity receives a free browser toolbar customized with their organization’s logo, links to their website and includes a custom messaging tool to deliver news and alerts to your supporters. The toolbar also includes a Yahoo search feature that generates money for the charity when supporters search the web. Supporters can also generate money for the charity by shopping online through the Shop & Give service.

MyAccount is an optional feature that allows supporters to see how much their individual searching and shopping is generating for your cause. It just takes a second to set up a free MyAccount and then see how quickly searching and shopping can help a worthy cause.

Fantastic Giveaways around the Blog World

Head over to Amanda's for a This Little Piggy Went Back To School Giveaway.

Amanda is also hosting a Harry Potter "The Magic of Reading Giveaway" which I would love to win.

Leslie over at Leslie Loves Veggies
is giving away an Eden Fantasy Bedside Lovers Tool Kit. Enter to win.


  1. Thanks for the links! I entered Lesile's giveaway! Oh, I guess I could go enter the books giveaways,

  2. The Freelanthropy site is fantastic, what a terrific thing to do, thanks for the link.

    I'm sure your son will do wonderfully in Kindergarden, he's had a great mom to get him ready for it.... You're the one I'm worried about... :-)

    Thanks for the link to Leslie's giveaway... nice prize.

  3. Thanks!!! I still get a bit teary eyed on that first day of school and mine are going into 5th and 3rd grade! Happy Kindergarten!
    Smiles- Stacey


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