Thursday, March 04, 2010

Postitive And Inspirational Items by Me Do Good!

I have been trying for days to get on camera to do a video wearing the shirt I received from Me Do Good.  With so many snow days I haven't been alone, but I didn't want to wait anymore to tell you about....

Me Do Good is a company that specializes in creating shirts that convey postive and inspirational messages for Schools, Clubs, Reunions, Youth Groups, Businesses, Military, etc.

The shirt I received was from the I Can and I Will section of the website!
In one of my favorite colors and stating exactly how I feel! If there is a statement that rings most true for me this year, this is the one!

In A Nutshell: I love the idea of these shirts. It makes me crazy to see some of the shirts kids and adults wear these days.

Brad, from MeDoGood would like me to tell you that he will create shirts with your schools, church, summer group, etc! All for only $10.00 a shirt! There is a minimum of 25 T-Shirts.

Here is a an example of the front and back of a shirt done for a school.

If you order more than 100 shirts, screen fees and shipping cost will be waved!

Personally, I love this one! What mom isn't a mompreneur?

Need an exciting, profitable fund raising idea for your school, community, church, university, whatever, simply order your shirts from MeDoGood and resell them! You can even add our own Logo and Artwork!

The shirt is well made and since last week I have worn it proudly at least 2 times.

As Brad from MeDoGood says, “doing something good…everyday!”


  1. I love t-shirts that make a statement!!! Have you ever heard of Ban t-shirts? They have many great ones too!

  2. Awesome--I'm sending a link to my sister. She may be interested in these for the youth group at her church. Thanks, Maria.

  3. I have purchased a couple of shirts from Me Do Good! and have been very pleased with Brad and his company. Of course, I purchased the one that says I support our troops. Then I purchased one specifically to be sent to a recovering soldier/wounded warrior that thanked him/her for their service to our country. It is a wonderful way to honor our military.
    Thanks for highlighting this great company.... :-)

  4. Birdie S.3:55 PM

    These things would be great to send to my daughter ...I think ILl head over there & buy some stuff thanks......


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