Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Stealing - The Eight Tens Meme

1. Are you single? NOPE. Married.

2. Are you happy? It is an emotion that you control. Yes! I choose to be happy.

3. Are you bored? Never.

4. Are you naked? Not at the moment.

5. Are you a blonde? Nope but I do have the occasional blonde moments.

6. Are you moody? Nope. I make a conscience effort to always control be in control of my moods

7. Are you a lover/hater? I am a lover and a hater. I absolutely hate bugs.

8. Are you hot/cold?  Well depending on the temperature, I tend to be both.

9. Are you Irish? Not even an ounce.

10. Are you Asian? Not even a teaspoon full.


1. Name: Maria

2. Nicknames: Ria, ree, ree-ree, hun, mommy, mom, granny, shorty, grandma and the name just keep on coming

3. Birth mark: Nope!

4. Hair color: Brownish

5. Natural hair color: Brownish

6. Eye color: Hazelish

7. Height: 4'11 3/4" - Stop laughing

8. Facebook Mood: I don't post one. It's a waste of time.

9. Favorite color: The blues

10. One Place to Visit: My grandparents house upstate, NY where I spent 5 years of my life.


1. Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in many things but not love at first sight. Perhaps lust at first sight.

2. Do you believe in soul mates? Not really. I believe in connections but wouldn't say they are necessarily soul connections.

4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally? If there is someone who can honestly say no, then I would love to meet them.

5. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Unfortunately, there are three that I know of. What worries me are the ones that I don't even realize were affected.

6. Have you ever been cheated on? Perhaps, how do I know? If I never found out then does it matter at this point?

7. Have you ever liked someone and not told them? Yes but that was only when I was real young. After 18 I had no problem telling someone I liked them.

8. Are you afraid of commitment? I hope not, I am married afterall.

9. Who was the last person you hugged? My son.

10. Who was the last person you kissed? My son


1. Love or lust? Both have their benefits.

3. Cats or dogs? I love animals but since having kids, I don't have a dog or cat thing. Just seems like more mess to clean up.

4. A few best friends or many regular friends? I love friends. I have many friends as for the besties, you can't be bests with more than one at a time. 

5. Television or internet? Internet, as if you have to ask.

6. Chinese Or Indian? Food? Chinese!

7. Wild night out or romantic night in? Romantic night in but I would take either at this point.

8. Money or Happiness? Both! I have been happy but I haven't had mucho money. I would love to see how that feels.

9. Night or day? I like both. It means I am breathing. You can't have the day without the night and vice versa.

10. MSN or phone? PHONE!


1. Been caught sneaking out? No.

2. Been skinny dipping? Yes

3. Stolen? Yes, an Archie comic book when I was 8. I felt so guilty I told my dad and asked if he would bring me back to the store so I could return it.

4. Bungee jumped? No and I will not be doing that willingly.

5. Lied to someone you liked? Nope. Why bother. Oh wait, there was this one time, in band camp.

6. Finished an entire jaw breaker? If I did it was so long ago. I never really liked them.

8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back? Yes, and it was the worst mistake ever.

9. Cried because you lost a pet? Yes. We lost our family dog Coco one Halloween night. Along with 5 other dogs in the neighborhood that night. We always wondered if they were taken by a lab or something.

10. Wanted to disappear? There were times in my past when I seriously wanted to disappear. Thankfully, mentally I was able to or I don't think I would be as grounded as I am today.


1. Smile or eyes? Well they should have both.

2. Light or dark hair? I always preferred dark hair but then came Sebastian Bach, Josh Holloway and some other hotties. No preferrence as long as he has eyes and a smile it's all good.

3. Hugs or kisses? The bastard better give me both.

4. Shorter or taller? I have never been into small guys. 5' 10 or taller are the ones I tend to look at.

5. Intelligence or attraction? They should be intelligent and there has to be some sort of attraction.  That is just human nature.

6. Romantic or spontaneous? You need both to have a balanced relationship.

7. Funny or serious?  There is a time and place for both but I like to laugh.

8. Older or Younger? Younger, younger, younger, did I mention I like them younger?

9. Outgoing or quiet? I am quiet enough for two.

10. Sweet or Bad Ass? No bad ass for me.


1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd? I used to do kaoroke with a girlfriend every Friday. Couldn't do it now but my confidence level was much higher than.

2. Ever done drugs? Nothing beside the ones they gave me during my three surgeries. I never understood wanting to give yourself over to a drug. I prefer being in total control.

3. Ever been pregnant? I have two children.

5. Ever been on a cheer leading team? No, but I was a twirler.

6. Ever Been on a dance team? No but I did ballet when I was 3-5 years old.

7. Ever been on a sports team? Nope.

8. Ever been in a drama play/production? Yes, in middle school. I was an Indian in Peter Pan. I still remember the song.

9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? Nope and don't feel the least bit upset about it.

10. Ever been in a rap video? Yuck. No.


1. Last phone call you made: To Teresa.

2. Last person you hung out with: Laurie

4. Last time you worked: 6 years ago

5. Last person you tackled: My son in the snow a few weeks ago. He is a great sport. I took him down hard for about 15 minutes.

6. Last person you IM’d: Frankie

8. Last person(s) you went to the movies with: Clary

9. Last thing you missed: If I missed it how would I know?

10. Last thing you ate: A biscuit


  1. That's so sad that you lost your dog like that.

    Have a great Sunday.
    Be sure to join us for Monday Mayhem

  2. I loved your answers but I have to ask, who calls you GRANDMA?!

  3. Grandma threw me off too! LOL

  4. Great answers... I love how you jump from serious answers to some really funny answers.
    How did I know that you would say you liked younger men, you pervert cradle robber, you!! :-)
    Another great meme I missed... I really have to get my schedule straightened out, damn!


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