Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Thousand Word Thursday - The Future and The Past


Have you ever watched older people when they are holding a baby? They are so focused! Yes, there is a tiny baby who was just baptized in the middle of that gray party. My niece was just baptized and like all good Italians a big, feast was held. Everyone took off their house wear and put on their Sunday best. Although it doesn't look like my grandma was wearing her church wear in this photo. What is up with the red and white stripe shirt with the anchor?

It looks like a heated discussion with my Uncle's friend and her hand in a determined position but I believe they were discussing location. Who knows. My aunt Mary in the black died a few years ago and my grandparents God love them are still around. I remember being worried that my grandfather would drop the precious package on the cold concrete floor and kept putting my hands out. It looks like my grandma felt the same way the way she has that I'm ready" look on her face.

They all look so cute with their knees almost touching.and my grandma with the napkin on my grandpa's knee. Cute.


  1. I love seeing the older generation admiring the newer one--very sweet picture.

  2. I like especially to see grampas holding the babies and bonus points for grama not letting him out of her sight and surrounding them with a couple more nurturers!! Nice shot!

  3. That is such a great photo! I love the adoring look that your grandpa is giving to that precious little bundle of joy.


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